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Xtend Barre challenges all body parts equally and serves as a strength and flexibility class, this is one of the key features I love about it. We all know we have to stretch but do any of us actually do it? The answer is, more often then not, no and thats because many don’t actually understand the importance of it. When you are flexible you can maintain full range of movement, which means you are getting the most of each workout and your joint is moving the way it is supposed too. If you do not stretch and your muscles start to tighten, you can get muscle imbalances and the joint does not sit or move the way it is supposed to leading to, yep you guessed it, injury! With lots of locations, this one is Alexandria specific. Check out what Mel has to say about it Xtend Barre.

Xtend Barre is the premier ballet barre workout… Dance and Pilates amplified.

On a flight home from Melbourne in December last year, my mother suggested I try Xtend Barre after reading a lot of hype about it in a magazine I’d picked up at the airport following an unexpected flight delay. It’s true Xtend Barre has enjoyed much hype through the traditional media outlets and social media alike, with various celebrity endorsements and could be dismissed as just another exercise trend. However, as a complete novice walking into the Xtend Barre, Alexandria studio my hesitations melted away and I felt comfortable about the challenges in coordination, rhythm and cardiovascular fitness I was about to experience, primarily due to owner Andrew’s huge smile and kind nature.

More than anything and with new fitness experiences in particular, a comfortable environment and encouraging teachers go a long way in my books. As exhausted as I was leaving the class I couldn’t help smiling. It hadn’t mattered that I was completely uncoordinated, inflexible and unable to keep in time to the routine! I will warn you the Xtend Barre class is quick. However, this is balanced by careful verbal guidance and a strong focus on technique so participants don’t feel too overwhelmed and the class sizes are small, catering for all levels of experience.

What I love most about Xtend Barre is its ability to combine my childhood passion for dance and my adult experiences with yoga, pilates and meditation into one avenue of exercise. Xtend Barre works to tone and strengthen a bunch of muscles you wouldn’t normally use in everyday activity and also has the added benefit of increasing flexibility amongst other benefits. It would seem Xtend Barre comes highly recommended for a reason!


Melinda Howard