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When you just genuinely feel like you are hungry all the time.

And it kind of seems like eating less is the answer to your goals and losing weight. But a part of you acknowledges that, that also doesn’t really seem possible?

Now before I dive into today’s post. I want to share that I do in fact understand because I have a big appetite. I always have. My mum wanted to get me tested for worms because I used to always want to eat.

And I don’t want to toot my own horn. But I’m pretty physically happy and confident. I have goals, like everyone else. But I also have no health concerns.

I also want to highlight that when I use the term eating less I am not referring to a calorie deficit. Calorie counting aside. I am specifically referring to you reducing portion sizes on your plate or eliminating meals without a consideration for calorie counting.

So, let’s get straight into it. I think a lot of what’s I have to say in this post will surprise you.

When Eating Less Doesn’t Mean You Will Lose Weight

Research does in fact back up the fact that, if an individual thinks they are eating less in a meal they will be hungrier and eat more in the next meal.

I guarantee you. Reading this. That you can probably relate on some level. You also might even feel a little hungry reading this.

So today, I want to help you redirect your focus in a more positive light so you can take smarter action to get you results and also have a better approach to food and nutrition for long lasting results.

I can’t begin to explain to you how many people say to me (when they find out that I am a trainer): What do I need ot eat to lose weight?

Without fail, every single time. I tell them to make sure every single meal for the next 2 weeks has at a minimum one cup of veggies varying in variety (colour) and type by 3 – 5 within every single meal.

Then I tell them to come back to me after that and tell me what happened.

Most people will not take action and a very small percentage actually do. You can guess who gets results right?

So why with something so simple. Would someone not do it if they truely want to lose weight? Well, I guess that is not what this post is about.

But I really want to put the task to you and then report back to me and tell me what happened after a week of doing it.

This works for so many good reasons. To avoid overload and boredom though I just want to share a couple of reasons:

✔️ It’s a great simple way to ensure you are getting a good range of nutrients. Which help you feel satiated for longer and reduces the risk of cravings.

✔️ The volume of vegetables you can eat is higher than protein bars, snacks and liquid drinks. For the same amount of calories. So you can eat MORE of the good stuff. Your stretch receptors (the sensors that measure how full your stomach is) sends signals to your brain. The more you put pressure on those sensors the stronger the signal to stop eating. Imagine having a big, full breakfast full of vegetables, protein, fibre and carbs. Over an orange juice and a tiny bacon and eff McMuffin from McDonalds. We both know which one is going to fill you up and also just straight up be better for you.

Plus I can assure you nothing makes me more happy than having a meal and feeling full. I certainly know I am not going to complain about eating what seems like more food.

There is NO DOUBT that calories in vs calories out is accurate and a method you can use to get results.

I’m purely bringing to light 💡 that there are better approaches to this method that can be significantly more beneficial for you mentally if you want results that stick. Easier, so you feel satiated and full. And lastly, a 1,000 times more simple than counting calories of every single *insert frustrated swear word for emphasis* meal.

I want to leave you with one more thought. There are many ways to manage calories in vs calories out with high saturated fat, low carbohydrate foods that make it extremely difficult to feel full and satisfied but also are significantly determinetal to your health long term if you were to maintain it every day.

So you choose. Because you are the one in control. But I like easy, and I like healthy. I hope you do too.

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