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What kind of active lifestyle do you want and have you really figured it out yet?

So you see all the fitness gurus with the perfect body in the gym every single day for what seems like two hours.

Sometimes even twice a day. Maybe you see the people out for a 1 hour walk midday mid week and you figure you will never have the time or motivation to commit to all of that.

For the most part, people either want to lose weight or gain muscle. They want to do either of those because they want to feel proud about how they look. So really at the end of the day you just want to feel body confident. Right?

It’s the getting there that’s kind of tough and overwhelming and can seem either impossible based on time or unenjoyable based on how you see everyone else in the gym all the time.

So I’m going to dive into that. Share with you an interesting conversation I had recently and some interesting questions you can ask yourself to figure out how you can get to your goals (and have fun doing it) but also potentially change the way you are thinking about health and fitness in a really awesome way.

What Kind Of Active Lifestyle Do You Really Want?

Let’s start with a conversation I had the other day. With a yoga instructor. Someone who is passionate about health and fitness. Someone who is passionate about snowboarding and travel. And well, yoga.

He was telling me about how he doesn’t necessarily have any body composition or weight lifting goals.

You know what I said to him. That’s great. Actually, it’s awesome.

This is the perfect example of someone who loves to stay active. Who loves to eat in ways that maintain health and someone who is able to do the things that he loves.

He likes to see himself achieving things along the way and body composition isn’t the key to happiness but it can be a really great bonus of being active and making healthy choices.

So the goals are focused on what you can achieve next. Not how you can change yourself so that you think others people will accept you better.

Now don’t get me wrong. Not all body composition goals are about that and it’s really important to set a challenge that works for you. Last year, I even set myself a body fat % challenge that was tough work and I learnt a lot of things from.

On that note, here are some questions to ask yourself to figure out what kind of active lifestyle you really want to lead.

1. In terms of goals what really is going to keep you happy, healthy and active every day?

This could be things like,  joining a team sport. Maybe you might want to learn a new skill like snowboarding, surfing, rollerblading, skateboarding. Maybe spending more time hiking. This could be being able to do a certain amount of body weighted pull ups because you’ve never been able to do them. It could be being able to do a handstand for a minute long.

2. What are you really training and eating for?

If you could look at weight loss and muscle tone as a side effect. What is the real feel good benefit of training and eating healthy. This is a long list but some examples are; stress relief from work, have more energy during the day, have more mentally clarity for work, feel less anxious and look after your mental health, have more energy for your kids, have the fitness to do more hikes, feel proud and confident, use it as a tool to learn more about yourself, improve digestion, improve hormonal balance, reduce risk of injury.

3. What season of training are you in?

I’m currently in summer over here in Fernie, Canada and I’ve been doing a whole lot of mountain biking. A little different to snowboarding but it really shapes the season of training I am in.

Fitness and health is ongoing, every changing and ever growing. Your answer to question 2 will regularly change. Working out what season of training you are in can be affected by a number of lifestyle changes too. Such as weather, current sporting activities (maybe its an of season and your are training in the lead up). Maintenance stage or growth stage of training. Work and lifestyle changes that affect when and how long you exercise for.

I would love to hear what you are training for and what season of training you are currently in. Let me know in the comments below or sign up to my super sweet email list and hit reply when you get your first email 👊. If you know someone who would appreciate this post, don’t forget to share it with them using any of the links provided.