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You probably clicked on this post, either because you had motivation about 2 weeks ago. And now it’s gone.

Or because, you’ve been through ups and downs with your training and you want to know how to stay motivated all the time.

I’m going to tell you what we already know. We don’t have it all the time. But I’m also going to share some simple ways to get through it.

The Truth About Motivation

But first, my back story. Because we all love a good back story.

So, over the winter, I entered my first ever snowboard competition.

There have been few times in my life. Where I have had a very tiny thought in the back of my brain. Along the lines of, it’s be super cool to do that thing but then very quickly turns into, but I could NEVER do that. Like, actually.

And for whatever reason, slowly it grows. It turns into something I think about. Something I talk about. And almost every time, something someone close to me says; you know what, you totally can do that and I think you should give it a go.

I’ve been making it my mission to regularly try things, step outside my comfort zone and fail at things often.

But sometimes I genuinely just need someone by my side, to have a little faith, get pumped and stoked about giving it a go and to have a drink with me afterwards to bathe in the adrenaline of “I *insert excited swear word* did it!”.

Now, don’t worry. Before you shake your head and disregard this. This isn’t one of those I knocked it “outta tha park” stories.

And for those of you wondering, here is a video of what the competition looks like: https://youtu.be/oRGv2UEed1Q

I did do that pond skim though 💁‍♀️.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, worried and “lacking motivation”. Here are some things I recommend you do.

1. Write down (often you’ll be rewriting these) your monthly goals. If you’re on my email list you’ll have my PDF resource to do this. It SERIOUSLY helps. To refocus, replan and restrategiese.

2. Tap into your support network. Start having conversation with people about the things you might want to do but are not sure if you can. Find people who will help you get there, encourage you along and be your biggest fan.

3. The fear of failure, “what if” and just what other people thing is usually what stops us from doing things. If you take all those things away. You’ll usually feel much less intimidated by a challenge. This is one of those moments where you try to think about the outcome a little less and focus more on the doing action. Remember, you can fail over and over again. People admire you most for trying things. Not for “how well you did it” and the more you fail the closer you are to your goals.

So go kick your goals in the butt. If you want a trainer who will help you get there, hit me up.

By the way. I had two practice runs and two qualifiers. I did one practice run. Was too nervous for the second. The first qualifier I made it to the end unscathed and survived the pond skim. The second qualifier, I bailed hard (fell over) coming out of the pond and wasn’t able to finish the race. I ranked a couple of ladies below the last girl who made it to the final. The best thing that I came away with was the stoke of giving it a go, seeing what I was capable of and I cannot wait to see what happens next year.

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