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Ready to see what happens when you don’t give up?

There are two ways we can work together.



You train a little bit. But you are ready to do it better to get results.

If you had to sit down and be really honest, you’re lacking some consistency, the know how, support, routine and programming that works for you and your goals.

It’s time to do it better. You are running short on time and want to spend your time wisely doing activities and adventures that you love. I get it.

You want to challenge yourself, learn more about yourself and discover new things along the way.

But above all, you’re ready to take action and learn how to do it yourself.

Are you ready to invest in the resources that will take you further and get results?

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You are looking for actionable steps to help you get results, improve your confidence and above all give you the fitness and time to spend it doing the things that you love.

Amongst all the noise in the fitness industry, from exercises to nutrition to mindset tools it can be hard to find what works for you.

You might find yourself doubting you training, yoru nutrition. Feeling a little lost in the gym and worried about what other people think of you. Constantly leading to a lack of results and progression.

This type of support is for you if you are ready to listen and learn, if you are ready to take action and if you are committed to what you want to achieve.

Are you ready to get results?

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Before I started training with Kate I was worried about whether or not the training would be interesting and if it would be applicable to me. Kate took my goals from our initial conversation and tailored the training plan to improve my overall fitness while focusing on key areas for snowboarding.

When I started training my main goals where to improve fitness and also muscular endurance for snowboarding, I was also wanting to train in preparation for running and cycling events.

Since training I have now noticed I have better balance and coordination. I have also been able to complete City2Surf for the first time (the longest run I’ve completed).

– Brad Issac

Before I started training with Kate I had my reservations about whether or not I would achieve my desired goals. I was unsure if I would be able to achieve what Kate had set out for me to do.

She made me feel very comfortable about the session and discussed every aspect of the program. Kate makes it warm and personable. I felt like she really understood my needs and explained what I would be able to achieve with the program.

Since training with Kate I have been able to:

Eat healthier
Enjoy exercise
Lose weight in a controlled manner
I really look forward to training each week.

– Ian Dudley

Probably one of the best PT’s in the Hills! Kate will find the best fitness program to suit you. You’ll have plenty of fun whilst reaching your goals!!

– Leea Argiropoulos



Feeling confused about the whole thing and want to have a chat with someone who knows what all this health and fitness stuff is about?

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