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The Edge Rock Climbing Centre has Sydney’s tallest indoor climbing wall.

In the words of the company themselves and there is no better way to put it.

 “The ultimate vertical playground”

Along with getting a total body workout, you get the thrill of climbing the tallest wall. Maybe just the chance to challenge your fear of heights with some other options.

The Edge Rock Climbing Centre

IMG_0575Your body will be sore well before you get bored, easily getting your moneys worth. Hussle up a friend, boyfriend, partner or drag the whole family there.

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Rock climbing at The Edge Rock Climbing Centre is all about muscle endurance; being able to sustain an activity for a long period of time.

You will feel your heart rate increase and your muscles tire. However the thrill of climbing and the possibility of reaching the top or beating your friends will completely distract you from the fact you could be shaping your body.

Doing something like this regularly will tone you up before you want to stop. The best part is it doesn’t have to be a one off. The centre provides term passes for the kids including games, technique lessons and rope skills.


For Adults at $21 an hour including harness hire I would say its worth the drive if your not close but thats not to say there aren’t many other options around Sydney, google search rock climbing Sydney and the list goes on including St Peters, St Leonards, Villawood, North Parramatta, Darlington and Pitt Street Mall.

How long has it been since you have been rock climbing?