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Ever wondered what a 2 hour flying trapeze class looks and feels like at Sydney Flying Trapeze School?

Luckily for you, I make it my soul mission to try new active adventures. Seeing as though everyone knows about it, my sister kindly gave me a gift voucher to do a 2 hour class.

Excuse my language, but for a second I wanted to sh*t my pants (figuratively speaking, of course). The good news is I would 100% go again.

If you like the rush and are looking for a little bit of adventure whilst still in safe hands. This is the activity for you. The staff are very lovely, supportive and build you up perfectly to the end trick. Although time goes fast you get to go a number of times and work your way up to the end trick.

So what actually happens and is it worth your time?

sydney flying trapeze experience

Sydney Flying Trapeze Experience

I actually had no idea what to expect. Even after visiting their website I managed to say to Judson, “It’s not really ‘active’ though is it?”. He laughed at me. Hysterically. And now I laugh at me too.

When the Taylor twins set up the Sydney Flying Trapeze experience, they said:

  • “We believe that everyone deserves to experience the thrill and have the opportunity to improve their fitness doing this fun and unique activity.”

We hear you Taylor twins. Heres to making fitness fun.

Once the ‘on the ground prep’ was done. We moved over to the ‘flying’ area. Everyone who had been to the school before went first so we got to watch them. Then the beginners started.

Some how I managed to be the first beginner to go. Maybe I was looking more eager than I felt at the time. The climb up the ladder seemed like it was going to be the worst part, until I got to the top. You are attached to a harness right from the very bottom. As soon as your feet leave the floor you are in safe hands the whole time.

Sydney Flying Trapeze Exerpeince

sydney flying trapeze experience

We got to do different things because Judson had been before. If you have been before and want to go again. Do It. You can learn something different each time. There were three levels in our group of 8 people. Beginners, second timers and third timers.

The Sydney Flying Trapeze Experience is great for your core and upper body. Particularly your abdominals as you lift your legs onto the bar. You can be at any fitness level to do this activity. The hardest part I found personally was lifting my legs whilst moving. When you jump off the platform you build up a momentum.

You are strapped into the harness the whole time so if you loose grip you are both:

  • Attached to the harness; and
  • Have a safety net underneath you.

However loosing grip did not happen to anyone in our group as the adrenaline kicks in.

So long story short. The final jump for both Judson and I involved letting go and catching onto one of the trainers.

Sydney Flying Trapeze Experience


Not everyone is able to complete this part and that is okay. We were lucky enough to get through it.

I have videos of the beginning and end on Instgram if you want to see and hear what it looks like to do the Sydney Flying Trapeze experience. So don’t forget to follow us @wondroushealthandfitness.

We both got the opportunity to do the final catch a couple of times. Which I loved.

The school has many different types of classes including condition classes if you wish to continue on.

Just goes to show, fitness can be fun. Don’t forget it.

Now we want to hear from you:

Have you tried this experience before? Do you think you would be game enough for it?


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