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Have you ever just wanted to go for a walk? Clear the mind. Listen to some tunes.

You feel so damn bored with the same walk just outside your house. It becomes an excuse in itself not to go. Oh and no one else is available to go with you. In my case you don’t yet have that puppy (you’ve been dying for) to love and care by taking on a walk. Now the thought of going for a walk sounds lame.

You know that feeling when you visit a new city and you want to see it ALL. You just literally have no idea where to start? Especially Sydney, we don’t have the easy to navigate roads like Melbourne does.

There is no doubt about it, we are so fortunate in Australia to be able to see so much beauty around us. Plenty of us don’t even make the most of it.

I have your answer to combat all of the above. Technically the City of Sydney do and they called it Sydney Culture Walks. Sydney Culture Walks by the City of Sydney includes pre designed walks with points of interest along the way.

Sydney Culture Walks is the ideal companion for discovering the city on foot – City of Sydney

Sydney Culture Walks

The app focuses on the city centre itself and you can select between walks and points of interest. Each walk will highlight various points including a card on some history. Allowing you to either listen to music whilst walking between points or share with a friend. Or two. However many friends you have.

Conveniently the app includes photos to help instil confidence in finding the right spot for those of us who are terrible with directions. The map is displayed on the main screen including your current location.

What a great way to see Sydney. As a visitor or a resident. For everyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to walk past The Sydney Opera House everyday. I think we own them some respect, by indulging in this beautiful city whilst we can. Thanks City of Sydney.

Please share your pictures from any walks whilst using this app.