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I recently received a paddle boarding gift voucher for my birthday from one of my closest friends and we booked in for a ‘couples’ lesson. Sydney Scenic can speak for themselves when they tell you how great they are and I can vouch for them. The company was great, very informative, amazing views and totally relaxed, even slightly educational if you want some facts on Sirus Cove!

We went to Mosman but you can also go to Watsons Bay, I am told the earlier you go the better in terms of wind and view. The session will be rescheduled if there is too much wind, so you have to worry about nothing other then enjoying yourself.


I felt like my ankles were working overtime. Its excellent for balance, core stability and activates your stabilising muscles. Those are the little muscles around the joint which work to hold everything in place whilst your big muscles are activated and in many isolated exercises used around the gym these are often not used (often not always). Being able to do an activity that uses your stabilising muscles is one of the best things you can do to help reduce injury! Look it up, educate yourself if not take my word for it, its super beneficial for your body and your everyday movement!


You know what they say, time fly’s when your having fun!

If you follow instruction and set yourself up right, you can really feel the benefits, today my lats and quads are sore just from an hour. The best part about all is the time flys so quick you don’t even realise the benefits to your body, INCIDENTAL EXERCISE; the best kind!

So get on board this weekend, maybe before work next week. Maybe you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll invest in a paddle board (I am considering it). Gumtree to start though maybe? If you decide to go out on your own the key to to look at the wind charts, get a big paddle board and a paddle big enough that when you hold the top your elbow has a slight bend in it. Get out there and make the most of the beautiful city we live in!