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Snow Season 2016 Introduction: Kate’s Snow Story

When it comes to health and fitness. activities and adventures. We all have a story.

We are all at different levels trying to challenge ourselves and I love talking to my members and clients about this. It doesn’t matter about the person next to you or in front of you or behind you. Whether they are “better” than you or “worse” than you, they are still trying just as damn hard as you are so why would you worry about them?

With a season pass to Perisher this season and my first weekend coming up, I’ll be going into my fourth year of snowboarding. It feels like a lot less time than it actually sounds. I’m excited to have some fun and hopefully advance my snowboarding a bit more.

So here’s my story from when I was little to now, from a skier to a snowboarder and from learning in Japan.

Snow Season 2016 Introduction: Kate’s Snow Story

Once I managed to get all of my snow gear out I actually realised that my snow jacket was missing its sleeves. Couldn’t find them anywhere. So safe to say, not the best start to the season.

I used to go with my family to the snow a fair bit when I was very little and I learnt to ski. I managed to loose my group on a black run because I was too busy looking at my feet snaking down the mountain. Just like a was told. I was (and still am) pretty determined when it comes to learning new things.

It wasn’t until I was much older and had a bit of time off from the snow that my sister and I booked a trip to Japan, Canada and America. Japan was amazing for me and I was initially a little reluctant to get on a snowboard but went through with it.

We got all of our gear before we left and if you are just getting started don’t be afraid to get a second-hand snowboard. They are often barely used for lessons and in good condition at half the cost.

Our instructor was very nice and ridiculously helpful, he is passionate about what he does and it shines through because I like to say I picked it up alright.

There wasn’t a lot of snow in whistler and I had some nasty falls as most people experience in the learning stages. I say nasty because they felt like the worse thing ever at the time but now they probably wouldn’t be that bad.

I then did two seasons with a couple of trips the first year and more than a couple the second year at Perisher and Thredbo.

With the help of the people around me I successfully landed my first box and little jump at the park. I managed to learn how to comfortably snowboard faster. However, the t-bar still makes me tense.

Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube to follow along in the series, I will also be posting them up on the website for all the wondr-ers out there.

Would love to know:

How many times have you been to the snow? What was your learning experience like?

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