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You might be hoping that by the time you reach your dream goal that then you will be happy and be able to really enjoy your life.

Let’s be honest though, having goals is great but you also have to spend the time being able to appreciate and value your life as it currently is. Take some weight off your shoulders to give yourself room to reach your dream goal without all the negativity that can be involved when the going gets tough.

So, here is my advice for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Your Dream Goal To Be Happy

I know that we have all heard it before, it is the journey that matters. It couldn’t hold more true right now.

You can be proud of yourself when you reach your end “dream” goal. But you shouldn’t wait for it to be proud. You want to be proud of each and every step that you take towards reaching that goal.

Because, when you get to your end goal. By the time you get there, it’s not actually the getting there that is most rewarding. It’s how hard you worked along the way, it is the struggles you went through, pushing through the tough times. They are the things that make you most proud of reaching your end goal.

Seriously, if you’re end goal was to loose X number of kilos. If I told you, you could have that tomorrow without even lifting a finger to get it. You won’t be happy or proud of yourself because you didn’t earn it. Also, if you haven’t learnt anything about how to earn it. You wont be able to keep it.

It’s the moments and challenges in between and along the way that make you a better person, more confident person, someone who is fitter and more proud of who they are and what they can do.

So, along the way take some time to be really proud of your little wins and accomplishments. Every step you are proud of along the way significantly increases your chances of taking another step forward. It is a friendly little reminder that:

➖ You’re awesome

➖ You’ve got this

➖ You can keep moving forward, even when it gets tough

➖ You already have things to be proud of and happy/grateful for


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As always, thanks for stopping by. Sending you a virtual high-five to keep pushing forward and making small wins every single day. If you know someone who would appreciate this content, send it to them.