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You’ve got big dreams, hey?

You know what you really want to achieve. It’s so big sometimes it seems completely impossible and you almost want to give up because your training sometimes feels never ending and a slug.

It can also be very disheartening if you set a goal and don’t achieve it. Sometimes it puts you in a downward spiral.

Let’s talk about how to combat this.

Setting Goals Up For Success Not Failure

Finding a network, or person to stay accountable to is very important. Sharing your wins with others and encouraging others along as well as yourself.

What happens when you don’t achieve your goals or your sessions for a week and you have to tell people about it? For some, this can seriously negatively impact their health and fitness regime.

It is a very fine line between holding yourself accountable for actions that don’t help you with your health and fitness goals to being too hard on yourself.

If you feel like you can relate to this I have a number of tools for setting goals up for success:

✔️ It is still important to set goals, you need to learn to set achievable ones.

✔️ It is still important to have an accountability partner/network because they are often the people that support you when you are hardest on yourself.

✔️ It’s important to acknowledge both the good things and the bad things. Remember that every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

The more you practice acknowledging the good things (something as simple as having a lot of water for a day) the better you get at accepting the little fails along the way. Sometimes the little fails are called “balance” and they were just what you needed at the time.

✔️ Stop comparing yourself to others. Match your progress against yourself. My snowboarding is pretty embarrassing to some pro snowboarders. Compare to me 4 years ago though its fantastic and I love how much better my riding is.

✔️ Practice and learn to forgive yourself. You cannot be on an extremely restricted diet or training regime – it never works long term and often isn’t sustainable. You want to have a life that you love and reach goals that you want at the same time. Which highlights the importance of goal setting that sets you up for success, not failure. Learn how to set goals, then break them down to small goals that will challenge you enough to reach them.

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