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Let’s face it, Fitbit have taken a bad product that has existed for years and made it awesome. When it comes down to it, its not about the product its about what you can do with the product right?

Activity trackers and step counters have been around for years. No one has ever used them much because well its boring. People are useless at self motivation; setting your own goals and achieving them. I recently read that only 8% of people are successful in fulfilling at least one New Years resolution. For that exact reason I have believed it to be a silly marketing ploy and a terrible measurement of activity because you have nothing to link it to.

Heart rate monitors are awesome because you can accurately measure calories (as opposed to guesstimated from steps) and you can then change your diet accordingly. At a higher level, you can use your heart rate to choose your training zones and help improve strength training. GPS is awesome because you can start to travel further distances, compare your walks and looks at the incline sections. It’s not about the product, its about what you can do with the product.

So for a long time, I have not been on the Fitbit band wagon. I appreciate their efforts but ultimately its ridiculous. Naturally though, the more I hear about it the more I want to know and it has definitely been the talk of the town.

Fitbit didn’t know this (or maybe their marketing geniuses did…creepy), but I was looking for some extra motivation, I hated having to wear my waist strap for my Polar FT80, the battery had died in the watch, the dashboard was confusing and I didn’t like having to turn it on and off for a workout, if I forgot to turn my watch on nothing was recorded – I tend to forget things a lot.

After hearing about Fitbit introducing products that included the heart rate, I popped onto their website and watched the video for Fitbit Charge HR.

Fitbit, you had me at hello.

They covered all of my concerns in one marketing video and I was off to the shops to buy one by the afternoon. So screw you marketing, I am now out of pocket $200 with a gimmick on my wrist that I hope I don’t get sick of because I will be having a serious conflict with myself about my initial thoughts on Fitbit!

So check out below, my video of the unboxing and setup of of my new Fitbit Charge HR and come back in 2 weeks for a full review.

Fitbit Charge HR Unboxing and Setup