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I have been following Izzy on Instagram from a while now and her photos light me up every time I see them.rollerskating

Last weeks post was talking about meeting people online: 10 Practical Reasons to Find a Fitness Buddy Online.

One of the benefits that I talked about in that post was being able to broaden your mind by meeting people online. Izzy has done exactly that for me. Thinking next video? Double tap on Instagram if you want to see a video of me trying rollerskating.

I am so excited to share with you all things Izzy and rollerskating.

This girl constantly pushes the boundaries and sums up everything we are about at Wondrous. She is a perfect example of constantly trying new things and you can feel and see her passion and excitement all through her photos.

Sometimes all you need is to see someone doing something you want to do, inspiring you and giving you just that little kick (up the bum) to go for it.


Don’t be afraid to read through this one twice. I know I did.

Rollerskating Interview – Izzy vs Wondrous

W: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I: My name is Isabel. I’m a 23 year old hopelessly addicted to rollerskating in every shape and form – roller figure skating, street skating, roller discos, ramp skating and everything in between.

I love the challenge of using creativity to push the boundaries of what can be done on eight wheels. It’s especially exciting when the art of rollerskating takes me in an unexplored direction, wether it’s hitting up a half pipe or hula hooping on skates by the beach there’s no choice but to roll with it!

W: We love this about you Izzy and its what we are also all about. The benefits of exploring those challenges is so damn rewarding you almost become blind to ever seeing them as challenges.


W: What does leading an active lifestyle mean to you?

I: As a medical student, I don’t think there’s any message more crucial for me pass on to my future patients than the importance of leading a happy, fulfilling and active lifestyle.

The wonderful world of science has proven the positive effects that exercise can have on the brain through the release of endorphins, leaving us with feelings of happiness and euphoria. So with an active lifestyle being so important for both physical and mental health, it really is the best medicine life has to offer us!

W: We hear you on that one.

W: How did you get into rollerskating and what is your favourite part about it?

I: My mum bought my younger sister and I a pair of rollerblades when we were 4 and 6, and despite spending the first few days having our multiple battle wounds nursed by our mum (who is conveniently a doctor), we’ve barely been off wheels since.

I started competitive roller figure skating when I was ten, and finally achieved my childhood dream of representing Australia at the World Championships just last year at age 22.rollerskating


W: Such an awesome achievement, congratulations.

I: I think one of the things that I love most about skating is just how diverse it can be, a sport that combines strength and agility with grace and artistry, or whatever individual style you choose to add to your skating.

W: What is some advice you could give to someone who is wanting to try rollerskating?

I: My first piece of advice would be to stop thinking about it, talking about it, and just get your skates on!

Conquering the fear of doing something you haven’t done since childhood can be daunting, but the satisfaction you will get when you’re on a roll again will make it all worth it.

Trying out a rollerskating class is always a fun and social way to learn too. As an instructor myself for Rollerfit, I have seen so many women (and men!) make lifelong friendships built on a long lost passion for roller skating.

W: We want to come to your class already.

W: How often do you roller-skate and what drove you to end up at the skate park?

I: Days spent without wheels on my feet are few and far between!


That said, some days I might just roll down to the shops to grab my coffee, while others I will be at the rink or skate park for hours on end.


Even just 12 months ago I never would have imagined that I would end up ramp skating. I moved to Coffs Harbour for for medical school at the beginning of 2015 and unfortunately had to take a break from competitive roller figure skating due to the lack of rinks and coaching in the area. As it turned out, this lead me to opportunistically explore the newly built skate park that the town had to offer. Nervously, I tackled a few small ramps and fought for a shot at the bowl alongside the local school boys’ and their ridiculously impressive tricks. Of course, I was hooked after just a few days, and am now trying to push the limits of conventional ramp skating by incorporating artistic skills (such as jumps and spins) into my skatepark sessions.

Rollerskating really is LIMITLESS!


W: Thankyou for sharing with us your awesome adventures and journey. Don’t stop inspiring people to challenge themselves and try something new.

If you’d like to follow her rollerskating adventures, you can find her on Instagram @izzy_be_dizzy.

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