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Have you ever really wanted to rollerblade over the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Oh. That’s just me?

To sum it all up I have very carefully put together a video for you.

Let me give you a little (tiny I promise) back story behind this. I’ve grown up in Sydney my whole life. After cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransciso with my younger sister a couple of years back I was ashamed to say I had never walked or even biked over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I’ve only ever managed to drive.

Do you live in a city with sites and treasures that you haven’t yet explored?

I mean people travel to do this stuff and I’m just sitting here in my own back yard not even taking advantage of the fact that I can.

So naturally, doing so, was on my list. But I figured why walk when you can roll. I was fortunate enough to be given my rollerblades as a gift and just shy of a couple of months ago James O’Connor from RollerbladingSydney.com.au contacted me.

I can only imagine he stumbled across my (amateur) ‘first time on the rollerblades‘ video at Sydney Olympic Park and he could do nothing but help my sorry self.

James O’Connor knows a tun about rolling full stop. Whether its rollerblading, rollerskating, freeline skating, slalom skating. I think he named some more but my brain is already amazed. He has had the opportunity to skate around the globe and instructing has taken him to countries such as America.

So. Pretty cool to be taught by this guy. As a Group Fitness Instructor I can also appreciate his attention to each individual, which I currently don’t get the opportunity to do. He even mentioned how much more he enjoys one on one lessons. He is able to really change his teaching and technique depending on his clients very own unique needs.

Fitness wise rollerblading is said to be 50% less impact on the body when compared to running. This is great for those who are coming back from injury or like me suffer from arthritis.

The day went a little something like this.

Rollerblading Sydney Harbour Bridge

Feeling like a dork but looking gorgeous of course. Right? Either way this protective gear brings you so much confidence. I am ready to go to the skate park James. Just kidding. Please don’t take me to the skate park.

rollerblading sydney
Learning to stop on a small slope.

rollerblading sydney
Learning to stop on a (slightly) bigger slope.

rollerblading sydney
Trialling some turns around the cones. Ready for the Harbour Bridge.

rollerblading sydney
Walking some stairs. You read that right.

rollerblading sydney
James casually rolling up the hill. Basically making everything look easy.

rollerblading sydney
Holding on for dear life.

rollerblading sydney
Made it to the bridge.

rollerblading sydney
Nothing tops this feeling.

rollerblading sydney
Enjoying the view.

rollerblading sydney

It was a beautiful day and naturally like any other activity or adventure I get to share with you guys. I was buzzing all week wondering about the next time I can get out there on my rollerblades.

After some (as many as you need) lessons with James your next step is to join the Sydney Bladers Cityskate Facebook Group. Every Wednesday they have a City Skate Night and the first Wednesday of the month involves flatter terrain.

For some roller skating inspiration check out my interview with the lovely Izzy, who knocks my socks off at the skate park:

Have I convinced you to roll yet?