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Rollerblading creates a similar feel to ice skating but was initially designed for the warmer weather. It involves two boots each with four wheels and one with a stopper at the back.

Rollerblading can be rather difficult at first however once you start to develop the muscle memory and balance around your ankles it can be very rewarding effortlessly cruising along a footpath or through a park.

Ever wish you were still a kid learning new things? Fearless at everything and learning faster than you can blink?


You don’t have to be young to rollerblade and it can be a great way to learn something new with your children.

Despite the fact that conventional knowledge tells us kids learn faster this doesn’t mean adults can’t learn new skills. As a kid you don’t think about how hard you might fall or get embarrassed about the little things. Adults require a little more dedication and confidence but theres nothing stopping you from learning that skill.

Practise makes perfect

Eloise (el) and myself were both only popping on our rollerblades for the second time. Myself being significantly more shaky than El as you will notice in the video.

Rollerblading – Sydney Olympic Park

I was lucky enough to have my pair rollerblades given to me as a gift. I want to one day rollerblade over the Harbour Bridge. As clearly outlined in my bucket list which is saved in my memory bank of course.

I decided two years ago whilst riding over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco that given I lived in Sydney (and only ever drove of the Harbour Bridge) it would be necessary for me to up the anti and make it my life goal to rollerblade over it.

Step 1: Learn how to rollerblade again


If you are opting for your own set of rollerblades we recommend you get fitted to provide the best boot along with the (assumably) needed advice. In Sydney we recommend you head over to Skater HQ at either Manly or Moore Park. You can also hire rollerblades with or without Sydney city tours including travelling over the Harbour Bridge.

Living in Sydney it can be hard to find long stretches of flat surface that are also safe. The Sydney Olympic Park provided a fantastic outlet for rollerblading.


The Sydney Olympic Park has a number of bike circuits and a PDF detailing these HERE. We went with the River Heritage Circuit for a longer ride and the paths provide a much smoother surface than those over at the Parklands Circuit.


It is never too late to learn a new skill and fear is a big factor in hiding an adults ability to do so. The more you challenge yourself to learn new skills the easier it will become.

What new skill do you want to learn?