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We have all done it.

And if you clicked on this post, it’s highly likely you are probably procrastinating a workout right now.

Because, sometimes it is tough.

It can be really tough getting yourself into shape and kicking yourself into gear.

But I have a pretty good reason just why you might be doing it and a couple of things you can do to start taking action now.

Why You Procrastinate A Workout And What You Can Do About It

Firstly, I really want to address why you might be procrastinating a workout.

I listened to a really interesting TED talk late last year on the art of procrastination and why we do it. The talk was all about how we actually procrastinate because we are not 100% sure about what we are trying to do.

We then think about it subconsciously whilst doing something else that is enjoyable. That is why, when you come back to the task later on, you often have that big “AH HA” moment.

So why would this be occurring when it comes to a workout?

It’s very likely that you are not 100% sure that your workout will give you the benefits you want it to.

You are also more likely to procrastinate a workout if you haven’t already layed out what you will be doing. If there is any element of the workout that is unknown than you are likely to feel unsure about it which can lead to procrastination.

Lastly, you could be procrastinating because you don’t really have a clear purpose. Without a clear purpose of what you are trying to achieve, how can you know if the workout will get you the results you want?

I have some tips for you today to help eliminate procrastination when it comes to workouts so you can get sh*t done.

The first is to make sure you know what you want ot achieve becuase if you don’t, it is damn near impossible to plan and select a workout that will get you results.

Secondly, do your research and be willing to learn. Think about whether or not you are training smarter or just doing it for the sake of it with no real purpose.

Thirdly, remind yourself that one workout alone isn’t going to change your life. It’s one small thing you do everyday that is going to get you results. So don’t put so much pressure on the one workout you want to do but are avoiding. Just get it done.

Lastly, which is a favourite of mine. Just get started. It takes 8 minutes for endorphins to kick in. Once you get past the warm up, give yourself permission to decide if you want to actually continue you. I almost guarantee you that once you get the ball rolling without worrying about the pressure of the whole workout you are significantly more likely to continue on.

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