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Snow season has me very excited here in Aus. Especially because it has been uber chilly in Sydney.

With a fractured finger it is looking like the first planned snow trip might be off the cards for me.

Can’t. Even. Deal.

Had me thinking. Besides missing my first planned weekend. There are many of us (almost all of us) who cannot be at the slopes every day. Who work hard all week (slaving away as some would say) looking forward to the drive to the snow late into Friday night and spending Saturday/Sunday there only to be back at it on Monday.

So besides the recovery on Monday, what kind of exercises can we do to make sure we are maybe the most of the ‘off the slope’ days and preparing for the weekends. To best prep you for the slopes.

I did my research. And, well. Here it is. This is for everyone.

8 of the Best Gym Exercises to Prep You for the Slopes

1. Squat Jump 180 Degree Turn

Start in squat position.

Jump up high, turning body 180 degrees.

Land into squatted position facing alternative direction.

2. Plank to Side Star

Start in plank position.

Turn to one side.

Lift top arm and top leg.

Rotate back to plank position.

Work the same on the other side.

3. Squat Jump 3 Levels

Start in low squat position.

Rise 1/4 of the way.

Return to squat postion.

Rise 1/2 way.

Return to squat position.

Jump up out of squat straight up.

Return to squat position and repeat.

4. Russian Twist with Medicine Ball

Glutes on the floor.

Chest up at 45 degree angle from floor.

Feet on floor or elevated, keeping ankles together.

Use medicine ball to rotate side to side through torso.

5. X Pattern Ski Jumps

Imagine there was an X on the floor.

Start on top left of the X.

Jump (right) to land on the top right point of the X.

Jump (diagonally) to the bottom left of the X.

Jump (right) to the right bottom point of the X.


6. Tricep Dips

Use bench or chair.

Feet on the floor in front of the body.

Keeping gluteus and hips close to the chair, send you elbows behind your body.

Lift yourself upwards away from the floor and back down.

7. Medicine Ball Wood Chops

Start in half squat position.

Using medicine ball or improve equipment.

Start with equipment outside one knee and rotate up to the upside of your opposite shoulder.

8. Calf Raise to Toe Raise in Squat

Start in squat position.

Raise toes of floor and sit back in heel (stay in squat position).

Transition to raise heels of floor to engage calves (stay in squat position).


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