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You Don’t Need A Personal Trainer To Get Fit (Would You Do Aa Good A Job?)

It’s true. I’m going to be the first one to honestly say it.

Let’s be real. You can google your heart out. Find some workout videos across social media, some motivation on Pinterest and search research articles and learn it all.

Hell, you could even research a whole university degree if you were really committed and dedicated.

I could probably do a lot of things myself if I really wanted. I could cut and colour my own hair, clean my own pool, build a home (#justsaying).

Would I do as good a job? Very unlikely. Would it take me longer? Yes.

personal trainer to get fit

You Don’t Need A Personal Trainer To Get Fit

Is learning how to train yourself an effective way for you to invest what limited free time you have? By spending valuable time on finding out the exact method you should use to develop an efficient fitness and health routine. Even knowing that you and your own personal needs are going to be very different to the person next to you and the people online.

I think we can all agree that being healthy, happy and active can seriously increase your quality of life (of what little time you have to live it).

If you commit enough time and research you can do it. You can learn how to train yourself.

Let’s be really clear on something though. There is a big difference between doing it properly than just reading some blog posts on the web. A little bit of information can be very dangerous.

A fluffy “research” effort in order to save money whilst wasting more time reading and spending less time exercising can increase your risk of a number of things like:

  • Injury due to wrong information or lack of understanding about how the body works.This means you can’t do the things you love because you are out of the game.
  • Lack of a smart training program.You run the risk of not training efficiently in a way that is suited to your goals and own personal needs. You could end up spending more time exercising in the gym. Affecting your ability to adventure, explore and do whatever else you love to do in your free time. This leads to disappointment. It also leads to a fitness and health routine that feels never ending, draining and impossible.
  • Lack of experience.Experience says a lot. It gives you a good understanding of people. Of the way a body behaves and responds to physical activity. It gives you a better understanding of lots of different types of training. Continuing to update my knowledge base in the single area/industry that I work in is what my weeks are consumed with (along with obviously my Personal Training hours). Is that the kind of time you have to invest in research and does it compare?
  • Bias.Without a personal trainer or training program, you are easily persuaded towards a program that you like and like isn’t always what is best for you (especially if it’s too easy). Variety is good and people only have so much persistence on their own.

I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m saying that there is a lot of value in spending your money on an expert (like many industries). You are saving yourself a lot of time and energy to spend on things that are more important to you.

So are you really saving money in learning to train yourself? Or is the time spent doing it, and the long-term risk involved costing you more overall in money and quality of life?

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I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What are you currently doing for your health and fitness training?