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Somewhere along the way, I discovered that there was a fun filled recreational centre in Castle Hill. My good friend Natalie and I were due for a catch up, so we thought we would give the centre a go. Excited that it was a week day we presumed it would be quite. Forgetting it was school holidays we still had a ball! The centre is an adults playground, don’t be fooled by the fun though, it’s not easy stuff!

There are two sections, the vertical and the aerial section. It’s $25 for the hour (for adults) and there is plenty to keep you going, incorporating your upper body strength with various vertical challenges and activating those stabilising muscles also testing your balance on the ropes. We met with Bernard and in his own words, “it requires great determination and courage”. You don’t need a partner to belay with, as it is self automated, testing your trust, but once you let go the first time you will feel right at home.

Nat and I truly felt like we were in an adults playground and fit right in with the kids! Check out the photos then go online to books yourself in, because it’s an awesome way to get yourself off the couch and those muscles firing! Open until 8pm you can go after work or on the weekends also so don’t make any excuses.