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Passage Peak Hamilton Island

So you’re on holidays in Hamilton Island 🌴 (or planning a trip there).

Holidays are both for exploring and relaxing. I didn’t get the memo that holidays were for letting yourself go. One of the things I love most about holidays is exploring the beautiful world that we live in (whether that is by foot, out in the water, or on some other kind of adventurous equipment).

It’s also extremely fulfilling to go to places you haven’t been before.

So if there is one way to get all of that out of Hamilton Island, Passage Peak would be the way to go.

I was lucky enough to go up there with friends who had been before so I didn’t have to worry about doing my own research. Although it’s easy to find and follow.

I enjoyed it so much, I dragged the other half out of bed to walk to the top for a second time the morning we were due to fly out.

If you are considering going, or just want to see what we got up to. Keep reading.

Passage peak hamilton island

Passage Peak, Hamilton Island

The trail starts at what is called “Scenic Trail”. You cannot search the trail on Google Maps but you can search for Resort Drive. At the very end of the drive, you will find the entrance to the trail.

Passage peak hamilton island

The trail is 2.5kms one way, 5kms in total. It’s considered a hard trail, however, you can walk at your own pace. When you see the 950m to go sign, don’t be disheartened. Push through.By the time you get to the top, it’s worth it. I’m going to take the words right from Hamilton Island’s website:

“Once you’ve negotiated the final steep climb to Passage Peak, the reward is an awe-inspiring view of the Whitsundays from the highest vantage point.”
Read more at on their website here.

Cloudy or not.

Passage peak hamilton island

Passage peak hamilton islandPassage peak hamilton island

There are plenty of March Flies around and you are under some shade of the trees but sunblock would be highly recommended.

There are no toilets along the path so water should also be taken with you.

Once you are on the descent and start to look back to where you are staying, you’ll appreciate how far you’ve come. (That is of course, if you had not already taken the time to appreciate it).

Passage peak hamilton island

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