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Are you the kind of person who sets high hopes with your fitness and when you don’t achieve your goals you are really hard on yourself?

Often those of us who grew up with a lot of fitness in our lives have this challenge because we know what we CAN do. We see and want more. We become fixated on that.

What’s that old saying?

That is easier said than done though when you are a high goal setter. Sometimes all you need is to switch up the focus. Like betting some money against yourself for a bit of fun.

The best thing about this months featured app is that you can make money from it if you stick with the plan.

The not so good thing is that you have to give up that money if you don’t meet said goal.

pact app

I have a funny story for you about what I did the first time I used this app.

I’m not proud of it but I am a tight ass, just ask my sister. I tried to get $10 out of an ATM when I first started to use a keycard. Which leads on to my story.

I feel it is necessary to share with you so you don’t do the same thing.

App of the Month: Pact App

Now I want to hear from you.

Have you used this app before?

Come back and let me know how much money you make after one weeks worth of using Pact App.

You can find the app here to give it a try and start making some money:

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