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What Are The Main Benefits Of Working With An Online Personal Trainer?

So you know a little bit about fitness.

You enjoy being active but if you had to sit down and get real with yourself for a second. You could honestly say you’re not being consistent enough to get results and you’re lacking routine and consistency.

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Now, you know that all the resources you need are probably out there on the internet. And that could save you some decent coin.

In fact, you’ve tried most of them. Some tools you liked. Some you didn’t. Majority of the time your research lead to a big ball of mess and conflicting statements with no conclusion. By the time you got to the end of your research you didn’t really feel like you came away with anything useful to help you move forward.

Is it almost like I can read your mind now, huh?

I want to talk to you firstly about the benefits of a Personal Trainer, and then more specifically about the benefits of an Online Personal Trainer.

I’ll let you make up your own mind from there.

online personal trainer

What Are The Main Benefits Of Working With An Online Personal Trainer?

Working with a Personal Trainer gives you access to their knowledge base.

But more than that, it gives you access to someone who is able to take knowledge, experience and research from the fitness industry and appropriately apply what’s actually relevant and necessary to you and your own personal needs.

This is a very big reason why many who do their own research don’t come away with the right information or content to move forward because they don’t have the experience or qualifications to understand when things are or are not relevant to them. Many people who also do their own research, struggle to apply new found knowledge to a well-rounded training program because they do not have enough ground work.

NOTE: self-study can be done, but it doesn’t make for a very reliable or time effective pursuit in meeting your own personal needs.

Personal Trainers know how to ask you questions you didn’t think about.

In two ways.

Personal Trainers know how to get you to think about what you really want and what is really important to you. What your life looks like when you are at your healthiest and happiest.

Personal Trainers also know how to help you create health and fitness goals that don’t set you up for failure. But set you up to achieve them.

A tailored program that you trust.

When you don’t believe in what you are doing your success rate significantly declines. In a fitness routine, where you have unanswered questions, you can negatively affect your ability to stick with a good routine. When you have a Personal Trainer not only designing a fitness program for you but also updating it relevant to your progress. Well, it’s one less thing to think about.

Having someone assess your form and technique.

This is why many personal trainers still get their own personal trainers to train them. People might know how to train properly but that doesn’t mean they actually do. Our bodies can do amazing things without us realising (like change good form and technique) to bad form and technique in a second.

The best example I can use for this is people who have back problems and need to strengthen their back muscles. They very commonly curve their back whilst performing a deadlift, in an unconscious effort to “protect their back”. When really they put significantly more strain on the back rather than appropriately strengthening the muscle.

Training more than once a week.

This is a benefit of an Online Trainer in which you can spend less than or the same amount of money as one session with a Personal Trainer and get a thorough and detailed program that covers multiple sessions and session types within one week.

Learn to train yourself and leave the programming to the professionals.

We are people who love to be in control but hate responsibility all at the same time. By training with a Personal Trainer online, you have more control and responsibility for actually completing your program and this is a good thing. For people who really want to instill long-lasting health and fitness habits and lifestyle changes. They have to take responsibility for their life and their training. Whilst still having the advantage of having someone you are accountable to by your side every step of the way.

A common trait with (some) face to face clients is that they lack any responsibility and only end up training once a week. You as clients also know that when you hire an online personal trainer you are hiring someone who is looking at your whole week by week / month by month training program.

When you train a client face to face. Who does not train regularly. Who never does their home work. Who wants to fit as much as possible in one hour but isn’t feeling well when they come in. Who is only prepared to pay for one hour of their personal trainers time. See what I am getting at? It can make for a much less effective program for the client.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below:

Which of the above do you see as the biggest benefit of a Personal Trainer? Did you have doubts about Online Personal Trainers?

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