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norah head lighthousenorah head lighthousenorah head lighthousenorah head lighthousenorah head lighthousenorah head lighthouse

Norah Head Lighthouse is one of 37 along the NSW coast line in Australia and was officially displayed for the first time in 1903 when the light source came from a vaporised kerosene burner.

That fact actually amazed me. I cannot begin to imagine the work that went into getting the kerosene to the top of the light house and keeping it alight. I’m fully aware that there was a time you could not flick a switch for light. But to see such a real example really opened my mind.

There is a beautiful nature trail you can walk around, approximately 2.5kms long. With a rock shelf below the lighthouse including rock pools. As I am sure you can imagine, the lighthouse lookout is breathtaking.

Admittedly it was only by chance that Judson and I found the lighthouse. We were on our way back to Sydney from the Hunter Valley region and decided to take a detour. We figured we would get off the freeway, follow the road to the coast line, follow the coast line down a bit and then loop back onto the freeway. It’s literally was not anymore complicated then that.

We don’t do decisions well, but we do exploring well.

There is a carpark available at the Norah Heads Lighthouse and what looks like stunning accomodation showcasing the spectacular views. The lighthouse will come up on google maps so it won’t be difficult to find.

Make sure you put your shoes on. We spotted a pregnant lady running down the path way towards the rock pools with no shoes on and complaining about the very hot ground. No comment.

But also make sure you put your walking shoes on. It’s entirely worth the walk through the nature trail if you have the time, and it is not a long walk.

On the weekends, you are able to pay for a tour of the lighthouse. It’s a very small fee to pay and the tour guides are all volunteer workers. Filled with interesting information. I had no idea the work that went into running the lighthouse.

Check out Wild Walks for some more information here: http://www.wildwalks.com/bushwalking-and-hiking-in-nsw/norah-head/norah-head-lighthouse-loop.html.

They show you the circuit on a map, some more pictures and a PDF download if you choose to visit the lighthouse.

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