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Noosa National Park is not one to be missed. It can be discovered in many different ways and is so rich in natural beauty.

There are clear paths to follow and everybody that goes there has their own unique experience.

Noosa National Park

Exercise your senses as you stroll along the tracks and discover the secret life of Noosa National Park

Two of my lovely friends recently visited Noosa for the weekend from Sydney.

Although Jen has been there many times before she took Morgan to Noosa National Park for an experience of her own. Jen often says that she could go back everytime and still see something new.

We wanted to share with you their experience in the park this weekend.

The photos are amazing and I am itching to tick it off the bucket list.

Noosa National Park Q&A – Wondrous vs Jen & Morgan

W: Make sure you send through lots of photos so we can live vicariously through you.

J: I didn’t really take any photos of the path just the views. I’m so sorry I just realised!!

Tell me none of you care about this either? This is a perfect example of the girls getting lost in the views on this amazing walk. That is reason enough to add it to your bucket list.

Noosa National Park

W: Did you find there were lots of people out and about?

J: Yep. Heaps. There was a surfing competition on and we noticed all the surfers out in the waters around the points.

W: What did you like the most about Noosa National Park?

J: The views for sure!
(We are not sure if she is talking about the views along the coast line or the surfers in the water)

Noosa National Park

W: For someone who has never been to Noosa how would you describe the walk?

J: It takes you around the point so you get to see Noosa from every possible view. There are some hills but they are not bad. The walk to the first look out is the easy part. The walk to Tea Tree is longer and there are a few hills but it is such a beautiful walk. Then if you go to Hells Gate it’s a harder walk.

W: Did you get much of a chance to work on that sun tan?

J: We sure did. We ventured away from the path to some rocks by the water to sit down for a bit and soak in the vitamin D.

Noosa National Park

W: How long was the round trip?

J: All up about 2 hours.

W: Did you read the signage around Noosa National Park?

J: No. I have been there before but I took some photos for the Wondrous readers. They looked informative for newbies or history lovers.

Thanks Jen!

image 2

W: Morgan hasn’t said a word. Is she still buzzing from today?

M: Woah Noosa.

Noosa National park

Thanks to these lovely ladies for sharing with us their experience today. You can check them out on instagram at the following: @morgankatehill and @jen_clark.

What is your favourite National Park to visit?