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We’ve all seen those Monday memes, infact I kind of live for them.

I am highly aware of the importance of a weekend. I am also a big believer in enjoying everyday for what it is. If you’re the type of person who lives for the weekend, then you need to train smart and spend your mid week time wisely so you can do every adventure and activity you dream of and let nothing else get in the way.

This is what “Monday Motivation” is all about. Setting your week up right both mentally and physically to help you be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.

Can I just say. Nothing about these personalised emails are automated. I sit down every Monday morning (no matter where I am) and write these up. I actually look forward to it.

It always covers personal insights related to something that may have happened to me that I believe might help shape your approach to your training and health for the week.

For this exact reason, you’ll sometimes find some spelling errors. You won’t always receive them at the same time on the dot and just sometimes you might even get them on a Tuesday (with good reason).

I always invite the tribe to reply and respond if you feel like it because I don’t want to be the girl sitting over here telling a whole bunch of stuff with a matter of fact attitude.

Occasionally, I’ll tell you about a valuable service that could genuinely help you in your journey and also helps pay my way (and my time). It won’t always be relevant to the stage you’re at in your journey and you are in complete control as to whether or not you want to be a part of it.


You will never be locked in, you can enjoy the free content and you never have to commit to anything else. You can get to know me and the community better on Instagram you’ll also get access to some great workout videos.


I love following along on all of Kate’s adventures and her insights to living an active healthy lifestyle. I love how she inspires me to be more active and how she radiates a healthy lifestyle. She is just a breath of fresh air.
– Stephie Vanneste, The Raw Edit

I am always so excited to receive my weekly Wondrous email because it is always full of such interning and useful motivations and fitness hacks. The website is fresh and pimped out with awesome info. Wondrous is a genuinely inspiring movement because it is written, composed and most importantly believed in and lived by the author. Get. On. Board.
– Phil Watson

I really enjoy the activities Kate shares with us and the inspiration she provides each and every week. Her just do-it attitude is motivating and you can’t help but leap up, put on some gym clothes and go for a walk or run after reading her newsletter each week.
– Kate Lawrence, Live Believe Relax