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You know that feeling when you get really sick with a cold or you are injured, maybe something else comes up and you just cannot train properly.

Yep, that one. It sucks. I’ve got a cold as I type this. Your body aches but most of all you just feel frustrated you cannot do anything.

You kind of feel like “I was actually going to stick to the plan this time!”.

So let’s talk about balance and how to combat this….

How To Balance And Manage Sickness With Health And Fitness

Firstly, learn to adjust the program. If there is one big piece of takeaway I want you to take ever. It is to learn how to make a plan and learn how to adjust the plan because life happens all the time.

Now is the perfect time to improve your mobility and flexibility before you get back into the training.

Depending on the level of you sickness and clearance to exercise. Now could also be a great time to reduce the weight and number of exercises back to compound exercises – so that you maintain your muscle strength but give your body a break.

Whether you are sick or not it is always good over a longer training plan to take some time with your training that is less intense.

It might feel like it’s the end and “now you can’t achieve those big dream goals”.

But trust me when I say, there are ways around it. Ways above it and ways below it (< haha no, okay moving on).

I have two examples for you:

➖ A client recently did ligament damage to her ankle whilst at university. So we did upper body, I encouraged her to get in the pool and also stretch. She loves long runs so it’ll be a challenge but challenges are good.

➖ Me with a cold. I am reducing the intensity of my sessions, length of my sessions but still aiming to move my body.

In times like these, achievement and improvement aren’t necessarily the focus of training. It’s either maintenance or recognising that for this moment your goals have changed slightly to work around the injury or sickness.

Know someone who could use some if this advice right now? Let them know! Thanks for stopping by. I’m sending you a virtual hi-five for reading up and continuing to try and learn more so you can be healthy and happy.

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