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Trying to lose weight and keep it off?

Sometimes you even feel like everyone around you is doing it and reaching your goals but you just can’t get there.

You’ve tried to do what everyone else is doing but maybe forgot that your own journey is unique in that what everyone else is doing isn’t the answer for you.

It’s really easy to be negative about your own health and fitness journey when it feels like everyone around you is kicking goals.

There are a million different directions that I could go with this post. Today, I am purely going to share two facts about weight loss and get you to ask yourself two questions the next time you see a success story to change the way you think about (and perceive) these weight loss stories.

How To Lose Weight Properly

More so recently, I have seen many success stories (which is so great).

I love hearing about what people are achieving and doing.

I can also appreciate how extremely overwhelming it can be though.

So let’s talk about the next time you see a success story and two questions I want you to ask to then decide you feel about that success story and also detach yourself from the negative self-talk and comparison that can occur.

  • Is it safe?
  • Did they use methods that actually fueled, care for a supported their body?

Is it safe is an important one because any good personal trainer who paid attention whilst doing their studies knows the recommended weight loss per week is 0.5kgs (between 0.5kgs to 1kg).

So, it is worth asking – over how many weeks did that person lose weight and was it in the safe range?

If the answer is more than 1kg a week, it’s highly likely that it is not sustainable. And we are all about the sustainable approach here right? Because you want results that stick.

And it is one thing to lose weight, but once you reach your goals it is another to maintain what you have achieved. Two very different things but both very important to learn in the process.

I’m not saying someone who loses more than 1kgs a week is doing it wrong. I’m purely asking you to rethink what it means to you and how you might approach it differently.

The second question – did they use methods that actually fueled, care for and support their body is all about the kinds of products that the individual in the success story was using. Did they detox, did the use shakes, did they use pills. Are they raving about low carb, coconut oil, certain types of training over others?

The point I really want to make is, did they do more harm than good?

I think you’ll find that when you have enough vegetables in one day along (3 – 5 cups a day) you will be getting a base of nutrients that will fuel your body for many different things like hormonal balance, good digestion, satiation, significantly fewer cravings.

I think you will also find that if you move every day and combine strength training and cardio training in ways that you also enjoy you will be significantly better off than the person who does move every day but gets hung up on the details of exactly how many repetitions every single time.

Just two small points to make that I hope will change the way you perceive success stories purely for your own benefit. So that you don’t compare but you remember your own journey is very unique and it’s sometimes really important to go back to basics.

If you are looking for long-term sustainable results – contact me and let me know what your biggest struggle. Put my brain to work, I dare you.

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As always, thanks for stopping by. Sending you a big virtual high-five every time you forward this on. If you know someone who is trying to lose weight and is really damn hard on themselves, send them this post.