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Setting new fitness goals and challenges is hard and should probably scare you a little.

You have no idea if it’s going to work. You probably even wonder if you’re even going to be able to stick with it!

Yep. I can relate because this was me recently kicking off Day 1 of my Ab Assignment and I wanted to make a record of the whole thing.

Legs and booty workout

Legs and Booty Workout, What I Eat In A Day || Ab Assignment Day 1

I can assure you the nerves kicked in Day 1. I even had that thought of, “Why did I do this again?”.

It kicked passed though and I started the day off with a Group Training Session with some clients and a 30-minute walk.

I managed to stick with the food plan fairly well with a little bit of hunger kicking in by the afternoon. I did however, manage to curb the cravings.

I ended the day with a leg and booty workout and mustered up the courage to record the whole thing for anyone who wants to know the detailing of my training.

Lastly, since started the challenge I have added BCAA’s to my weights workout sessions and I (feel) I noticed a big difference in recovery so I will be keeping it up!

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