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So, you’re a girl who wants to learn her first ever skateboarding trick?

But you want to see someone else do it first because you’re way too embarrassed to go it on your own.

Lucky for you, I did my research last week on the best steps to take when learning your first ever skateboard trick.

This week I’m showing you exactly what it looks like to apply them.

Sounds pretty good right?

Let’s get real, if I can do it you can too.

learning first skateboard trick


Insider: Learning First Skateboard Trick As A Girl

Last week I highlighted the importance, based on research, of spending a lot of time skateboarding around. This was very true in my experiences and something I spent quite a bit of time doing. I found a big open spacE car park (relatively flat) and just spent some time skateboarding around.

After going through the steps learning to ollie, it became obvious that just skateboarding around is something I need to continue to do. Especially if I want to get 100% comfortable on my board and learn the ollie faster.

You can see from the video that step 1 started out super shaky and my focus was trying to do the movement over the centre of the board, across both wheels. Later on in the video when I try to put it all together I only manage to get the back wheel off the ground not the front.

Towards the end of practising the ollie I started to get more nervous (surprisingly) and end up jumping off the board instead of trying to keep my feet on the board. I actually didn’t realise I was doing this until I watched back on the video. So it’s great to get some footage of your practice to look at things you might (or might not) be doing.

After my first go practising properly. My next steps look a little something like this:

  • Keep skateboard in car all the time
  • Ride skateboard as much as possible
  • Try to turn and lift front of skateboard up to change direction front and back
  • Get ridiculously comfortable on the skateboard
  • Run through steps 1 – 4 to practice ollie

Remember if I can do it so can you. If you started reading this post agreeing that you were too embarrassed to go to the skatepark on your own, find an empty carpark. Or phone a friend. This is exactly where I am starting to build up the confidence on my skateboard.

What are your next steps? Or maybe first steps?


As always, thank you so much for checking out this post I hope you enjoyed my slightly more personal experience. If you want to keep up to date, let me know what your email address is so I can let you know first plus some email only content.