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Now, I’m not saying you’re stupid.


I’m sure you can relate on many levels to the feeling of overwhelm and stress when it comes to what your re trying to do or achieve and your goals.

The thing is, it can be a really hard thing to combat and sometimes it is natural. We actually do stress for a reason and sometimes we actually do need it.

So here is my words on how you can overdo it and then tools you can adopt to move forward in a less stressful and overwhelming way.

Keep It Simple St*pid

On a number of levels we can overdo it by:

➖ Wanting to do too much in an unrealistic or unachievable time frame. Note: that is too much so maybe consider reducing the list not giving up.

➖ Not understanding how to do something properly

➖ Worrying about what others think or say

➖ Inability to seperate the want to do and nice to have list from the need list

All of those points kid of lead me into some actions that I am taking this week to help with unecessary stress and overwhelm (that work) and tools you can adopt to do the same.

➖ Keep it simple. Seriously, I guarantee you, you do not need to do everything on your list right at this very second in order to achieve what you really want.

➖ Seperate the “nice to have” so you can prioritise what is important. Which training sessions and food are really important to do first and prioritise? Then work out what you can add after that based on your time, availability and access to.

➖ Stepping out of your comfort zone is a wonderful thing and stress can be there to help you stay alert and ready for the changes that come. Remeber that, your re stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve something and accept your bodies way of preparing for that. Then, roll with it.

➖ Be willing to learn, ask questions and fail so that you can keep moving forward and taking action.


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Let me know your thoughts below and if you know someone who gets overwhelmed (especially when it comes to health and fitness), forward this post to them 👌.