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Kayaking involves a small boat (kayak) and a double-bladed paddle. It is one of the best ways to travel further across the water. Does anybody else just love being in the water?

Kayaking appeals to a large range of people and you can choose to kayak in the sea, or by a lake or pond.

El and I were fortunate enough to spend another day off together and it was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney. Chasing summer we decided to venture out to Rose Bay.

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Kayak Hire Rose Bay

We found some Kayaks to hire at Kayak Hire Rose Bay. They were extremely helpful and easy going, you can also check out there website for paddle board hire. Within a couple of minutes we were out on the water in our kayaks, with an hour to spare.


It had been so long since I had been kayaking that I had forgotten how wet my bottom was going to get. We recommend you wear clothes that you are prepared to get wet in with swimmers underneath should you choose to go for a swim.

We decided on two single kayaks however you can team up and go for one double kayak if you like. My kayak had a map on it although we ended up just paddling out past a couple of small (beautiful) beaches and once half an hour was up we turned around and came home.


The best thing about kayaking is that it is for everyone. You will start to feel the work in your shoulders and if you are more concerned about the workout choose to go on a day that is not windy.

How far you travel in your kayak is completely up to you.

We managed to venture out to milk beach and we saw amazing views of the Harbour Bridge during most of the paddling. We also spent a small amount of time admiring the beautiful homes by the water secretly wishing we lived there and could kayak out on the water every day.

Although we felt the work in a shoulders at the time, we were sore in weird places the days following. You never know what kind of muscles you might be engaging and it is always a good thing to challenge your muscles in new ways with movements you don’t usually do.

The best part is you are getting a workout without even realising it.

I would go back there in a heart beat and it was $25 well spent.

When was the last time you went kayaking?

PS – if you are not worried about falling in we recommend a little bit of ‘goofing around’