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Just last week, I went on a local bush walk around Bidjigal Reserve and I did a thousand things wrong.

It is hard to do something for the first time because you don’t know what to expect.

Trust me I get it. It can unsettle you. Make you uncomfortable, scared, intimidated, embarrassed. It’s the same for everything.

I do dumb things all the time. Just ask my sisters. Or my Mum. Or my friends.

Based on, well, experience. Here is the idiots guide to bushwalking.

Full permission to laugh.

the idiots guide to bushwalking

Bidjigal Reserve Part 1

Double check your location. I actually did this walk a couple of months ago. Wrong. I wrote a whole post about Bidjigal Reserve but was actually in a completely different place.

Bugs are common in the bush. I am fully aware of this. But when you walk through a billion cob webs. Well it’s damn annoying. I have mastered the spider dance. Video to come.

Know what track you are on. It wasn’t on my map. I got to a post/stump about half way, red track in one direction and yellow track in the other. Yea, I had no idea which one to take. I even walked past four of these posts in the beginning with the yellow arrow on it. That I acknowledged. It just didn’t register with me at the time. Awkward.

Make sure you phone is fully charged. Don’t waste the battery on music. It may seem silly. But if you are lost your GPS will help. Also you want to be able to call emergency services if you need them.

Take food. A lot. I had enough for a 4km walk. Turns out it was actually an 8km walk. Then I got lost. More than once. So I was in the bush for just over 2 hours.

Draw plenty of arrows on the ground. Even if you don’t think you are changing direction draw on the ground often. If you need to backtrack (which I did) you don’t want to get lost. Oh, yea, I got lost backtracking too.

Long pants are better. I had scratches all up my legs from shrubbery.

Always double check the rocks. If you commit to putting all of your body weight on one rock and its loose. Yea well you’re stuffed. It’s not fun stacking it when all you have to do was double check.

Start early. It gets darker through the tress in the afternoon. When the sun starts to go down and you are still lost. Well it is easy to worry. And make your boyfriend worry a little too. Sorry boyfriend.

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the idiots guide to bushwalking