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On the off chance you visit an ice rink, do you take a while to find your groove? Once you’ve got it you spend the whole time skating around in a giant circle rarely changing directions?

Maybe you seek a little bit more adventure and you like to pick up some speed but don’t do much else?

It’s amazing how much more fun things are when you start to learn a bit more about control and directional movements.

I recently went ice skating with my friend Eloise and she totally got me doing things I wouldn’t usually do or have even thought to do.

She had the day off and we wanted to do something fun. We went to Sydney Ice Arena and it varied between being totally empty and full of school kids in the space of a couple of minutes.  They weren’t there for long and it was hardly that busy but there are session times you can look up in the link above.

Theres a correct way to turn on the ice that feels totally unstable at first but you start to notice how much more you can turn your body if needed. One of the best things El said about learning to turn properly is that you can quickly change direction if it is busy.

One thing El did tell me about the ice, and same goes for most adventures actually, is that you should:

Once you have this covered, you won’t be as afraid to fall.

When she first said, pick up one foot and put it infront of the other and push. I half lifted one foot off the ice (if even) and literally said, nup sorry not happening. I could feel how unstable I was.

However, each time I lifted my foot a little bit more. And then took it a little bit further I started to gain some muscle memory in my legs and ankles. I’m no Figure Skater by the end but you can see the progression.

If I can do it anyone can. Watch the video and use it to muster up some courage to go ice skating. Burn some calories and have fun whilst doing it. Can’t complain about the benefits right?

Proving Ice Skating for Beginners Is Not Scary

When was the last time you went ice skating?

Got some tips for beginners? Comment below.

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