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We have all been there.

It sometimes just feels impossible to move forward because you feel like you are getting NOWHERE.

Today I’m going to give you my best kept secret that is super simple and to be honest. It’ll seem super obvious but if you sat down and looked at the past 3 months. You probably haven’t been doing. So you can’t say it’s obvious if you aren’t even using it as a tool regularly.

I’m also going to share with you my super fun win from using this trick.

How To Take A Step Forward, Take Action And Reach Your Goals

Let’s start with my story and what sparked this.

I decided this Fernie snow season, that I wanted to try a 360 jump. Now I can assure you. I can get around on my snowboard. But I never even considered the fact, before arriving to Fernie that it would be something I could try.

Many would tell you to visualize what it looks like to do the action. But the thing is, that’s massive. That’s huge, to visualize something you’ve never even tried before. I mean. Think about it. To point your board straight of a jump, keep the speed up and look over your shoulder back behind you. Throw your body around mid air.

The adrenaline is so high and it happens so quickly you don’t even start to build up muscle memory and confidence in the moment initially because you almost black out a little.

And me? Well I was just someone who loved snowboarding. I couldn’t do that!

I can honestly say there were a couple of times I set myself up to ride off a little jump and rotate my body around. But the second my board left the snow I, accidentally of course, only half committed and ended up flying in the air a little like this (for your enjoyment):

So where am I going with this, and what changed?

I went riding with someone who has done them a million times over, was super excited about helping me get one done and also who broke it down for me into tiny bite-size pieces to think about and visualise as I went off the jump.

I didn’t have to worry about not being good, about not being where I wanted, I was able to get excited about my very small little progress without comparing to anyone else killing it. It sounds so small, but it’s so relevant.

There is certainly an element of practising this yourself. Being stoked about your small wins, tracking your own progress and not comparing yourself ot others. But there is also an element of having an accountability partner who can see the progress and get excited both for you and with you. Cheer you on.

Secondly, I recently got back from a holiday to Ontario and I wake boarded for the first time. I can assure you I didn’t get up straight away but with some persistence, I got there. And it was awesome.

So where does this leave us? How do you really take action to reach your goals if you are super stuck.

  1.  Find someone who will encourage and support you.

This can be someone with experience or someone who is just willing to be your biggest fan.

  1. Don’t be afraid to fall and “fail”.

The faster you do it (and more often you do it) the quicker you will learn and everyone else around you pretty much expects it when you have no experience. Plus, we’ve all been there.

You know what happened to me the first time I went out wakeboarding? I thought I only tried 3 – 4 times. But I found out in fact it was more like 10. I didn’t even realise, I was just focusing on continuing to try. Who cares if you fall and fail. You can guess what happened the second time we went out on the water – I got up! I attribute a lot of that to trying consistently so many times the first round.

  1. Baby steps, consistency is key.

Do something small. Over and over again. You’ll progress. It’s that simple.

Can you honestly say that every day you do something really small that gets you one step closer or did you sit around thinking about it? More often than not, it’ll also likely be something that scares you.

Thanks for being here and I hope you found some value in this post. I‘d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to reach out on instagram @wondroushealthandfitness or by email. Secondly, if you know someone who would appreciate this post – share it with them. I’ll be sending you a virtual hi five.