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Functional fitness training has being thrown around a lot lately. You may  have been wondering what on earth everyone is banging on about.

What is it really? Does it even concern me?

You might workout to loose some weight or to gain some muscle. You probably also want to make sure you are doing the right thing and be as efficient as possible with your training.

But, are you exercising and leading an active lifestyle to improve your everyday life?

This is significantly important because you want to prevent serious health diseases; obesity or diabetes. You also want to reduce the impact of ageing on your body. Make your body more efficient in processes. Such as:

  • Pumping more blood and oxygen around the body in one heart beat
  • Transferring more oxygen through the lungs in one breath
  • Using less energy to complete simply daily tasks
  • Ability to undergo activities and movements for a longer amount of time before running out of energy or breath; playing with the kids, walking or hiking adventures.

I’ve seen functional training everywhere these days ranging from F45 gyms to functional online programs. No doubt you have too.

So what is all the hype!

Well the good news is I can answer that for you.

What is functional fitness training?

Functional fitness training put simply is all about performing exercises that reflect movement performed within your everyday life. By using fitness training to mirror common movements performed across different planes in your day to day activities. This can include:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Lifting
  • Pressing

In order to optimise the performance of a skill or movement it needs to be performed exactly the way it is normally performed.

Functional fitness training often focuses on core strength, body weighted training and balance training to activate stabilising muscles. These are the tiny muscle groups that support major muscle groups, particularly around the joint. The body works better when every muscle is being used together.

Why do I need functional fitness training?

Majority of the population will train for weight loss, muscle gain, to be physically more attractive or because they were told by a doctor that they are within an unhealthy weight range, high cholesterol or maybe have diabetes.

Often once these goals are achieved, new goals are set to be more efficient at certain processes and skills in daily life. To complete an event, achieve a personal best.

Whatever the goal is, above all we want to lead a healthy active lifestyle to enjoy more of life and have some fun whilst doing it.

This is where functional training plays a strong role in aiding everyday movement and activities.

Part 2 on how to do functional fitness training yourself and 4 great exercises as well: http://www.wondrous.com.au/functional-training/.

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