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Overtime, I’ve developed some tools, exercises and resources to focus on results. Both through my own training and through the work I get to do with some truly courageous and inspiring clients

I wanted to share them with more people to help you take action now with your own fitness and nutrition strategy to continue to work towards getting results.

For those who are ready to move their body with confidence so they never doubt a workout again.

✔ How To Gym: discover how to workout properly in a gym or at home to get results with confidence so that you never doubt a workout again.

✔ Monthly Fitness Goals Master File: a document you can regularly update based on lifestyle changes for day to day success.

✔ How To Use RPE & Heart Rate Training Zones: learn how to maximise training session so you have a results focused strategy.

✔ Fitness Guide: valuable answers to 30 questions asked by almost every client at some point.

free resources


free resourcesFree resources

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Valuable answers to almost every question asked at some point in my career as a personal trainer. Additionally, a polished version of this resource, called the Fitness Guide has been put together in an ebook format available to my email list if you wish.

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