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You probably clicked on this because you are really curious.

You often see so much online in the fitness industry.

And for the most part, it’s in a gym.

You see the “perfect body” that you want. You see some pretty impressive skills being shown off on instagram. Every. Single. Day.

It almost feels a little overwhelming and unreachable. It kind of feels like you need to give up everything you have ever enjoyed to do it and that’s just not you.

So all of a sudden, your dreams of being healthy, fit and hot are slowly feeling like they are disappearing.

I’m here to tell you your dreams can be a reality.

Why Fitness Is Not Limited To A Box Gym And How You Can Change The Way You Think About Fitness

Fitness is my jam, right? I’ve been a personal trainer now for 2 years and a group fitness instructor for 5. I don’t feel nervous being in the weights room. I love doing fitness exactly how I want to do it.

But I can really relate to the feeling over being nervous in the weights room, walking into your first group fitness class because I remember those nerves when I first started getting into the gym.

I was also reminded of it just the other day.

Someone new was having a chat to me about fitness (knowing that I was a personal trainer). She mentioned to me that she always really wanted to get into fitness more but she saw everyone who goes to the gym and just didn’t think she could do those things, or be “that person”.

At some point, I bet you can really relate to this.

It was really interesting to me. Her perception of fitness. Because at the end of the day, fitness is for everyone.

Everyone has different goals and is working towards something better. The way everyone does fitness is different. So why did she perceive it in a certain way, that wasn’t her?

And why did that mean she couldn’t even approach fitness in a way that suited her?

This post is your friendly reminder to get creative with your workouts. To enjoy them. To do them in a really efficient and smart way so they work for you and your goals.

Change the way you perceive it and you’ll get to your goals.

Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Seek to educate yourself, or get some help and support so that you can learn how to do it yourself. If you are looking for some support to learn more and stay consistent – contact me and let me know you biggest struggle? Put my brain to work, I dare you.

It’s not supposed to look like anything other than moving your body every day and if you want to get smarter with it and do it better. You can.

Get outdoors and explore. Move your body so that you can be healthy and happy.

Above all, remember that consistency is key. Moving every day will have much more of a positive impact than trying to be something you are not ever will.

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