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Do you do it?

Winge about how you can’t afford a gym membership, that expensive yoga studio that you just absolutely adore.

We’ve all done it.

Even though sometimes it can seem like it, you don’t need to spend a lot of money when it comes to health and fitness. It’s also worth considering whether or not something would be an investment?

An investment into – learning more about how to train yourself, an investment into taking precautionary measures with your health, an investment into your mental health. The list goes on….

I want to share with you my little back story and what I am currently doing to help remind you that if you can’t afford it. You can still be healthy and fit.

Get Out Of The Fitness Is Expensive Mindset

For the first time (in admittedly a very long time) I’ve realised how easy it can be to fall into the trap of thinking you need a lot of money for a gym membership and equipment and gear.

At home, I had the luxury of a free gym membership. I had equipment set up to train my clients at home. I never had to worry about access to equipment. The weather was usually always great, I could easily go to a park and take equipment with me if I wanted.

This is the current weather situation:

Currently. I am in a position where I would have to pay for a gym membership if I wanted access to the gym. I would have to buy equipment if I wanted to get myself set up in the same situation at home.

That doesn’t make it impossible though, that makes it different. I really want to stress the importance of season in training. Seasons are dependent on what type of training you have previously done, what you goals are, what your access to gear and equipment is, what the whether is like and where you are at in your life (busy time, slow time, lots of money, on a budget).

Without spending a cent. I could do a body weight HIIT workout if I wanted. Plenty of hikes (until the snow started falling). I’m without a car so I am already doing more walking then I normally would. I could pick up some items around the house as added weight. I’ve got access to an aquatic centre for just a couple of dollars.

My point is. Currently, I am taking more affordable options that suit me at this time. Just check out my instagram and you’ll see 🤷‍♀️.

Let me know – what is currently stopping you from achieving your goals? Because it’s not just about the one hour in the gym. I work wiht my clients on nutrition, sleep, stress and long-term lifestyle habits that stick.

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