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The Fitness Industry Is Total BS And How To Cut Through It All

You’re constantly on social media (you can’t help it). You always end up on some post trying to tell you a billion things that will change your life.

A post that highlights if you do this one exercise you will be set for life. Or of you eat this type of food, it will cure all of your problems. It becomes an information overload full of BS with some truth to it that may or may not apply to you and has potentially been twisted.

The problem here is that everyone is very unique and this affects what they should and should not do. The second problem is that when it comes to everything (exercise, food, life), moderation is key. If you do too much of one thing you are likely to create a new problem.

“Okay Kate, I hear what you are saying. But what BS exactly are you talking about and what can I do to make sure I don’t get fooled by it.”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Note, given that I am suggesting a lot of what you google and read from social media in relation to the health and fitness industry is total BS, I encourage you to question and actually think about some of the stuff I’m writing below. Decide for yourself whether or not it is total BS.

I’m not writing this post as the gospel, I’m writing it as a Personal Trainer.

fitness industry is total BS


The Fitness Industry BS And How To Cut Through It All

Here is a list of some BS I often see around the Internet and what you can do about it.

1. This One Exercise Will Magically Change Your Life.

No. It’s not going to give you an inner thigh gap, or get rid of your belly fat, or make your abs show.

First, there are a number of different things that affect your ability to lose weight. Second of all, where you loose weight first is for your body to decide, you don’t get a say in that. Sorry. Third of all, doing two inner thigh exercises once a fortnight is not going to do anything magical for your muscles in the first place.

You can do two things to combat this one.

Get a personal trainer who actually considers your current lifestyle, behaviours and habits. Who can give you educated and calculated advice on how to reach your goals (lose weight, bulk up, train for a sport).

Get a gym membership and make sure that you are working out doing a variety of things each week. Like cardio classes, HIIT classes, yoga/Pilates, run, swim, weights. Moderation is key.

2. Stop Reading Posts On What You Should Eat.

No offence. You already know how to do it. Stop looking for the magic answer hidden in a post that will make you “feel better” when really you are still just eating sugar on the side and that could be your problem.

It’s pretty basic. Eat 3-5 cups of veggies every day. Get protein, get carbohydrates, get nutrients, ensure you are drinking water and don’t eat too much sugar. Stop stressing yourself silly using MyFitnessPal counting how many calories are in this or that. Counting every single bit of food that goes in your mouth. Feeling guilty and upset.

Stress does horrible things to the body and we all know when we ‘can’t’ eat something we want it more. So start with what you SHOULD be having. Be aware. Think about why you are reaching for the bad stuff. Think about how you feel when you eat it. How you feel after you eat it. Are you still hungry? Do you feel hyper and then flat? The rest will follow.

For very specific health requirements please refer to a qualified dietician. I am referring to normal day to day food intake and I acknowledge for a lot of people it’s not this simple, with a combination of food intolerances etc.

I want you to go away being more aware of what you put in your mouth. Consciously think about what nutrients you are getting and how it makes you feel.

3. This Article Said I Should Do This Exercise To Loose Weight.

Honestly. Just because you read somewhere that this one specific exercise will help you lose weight. Doesn’t mean that you should do only that and when you can’t do it, do nothing. Seriously, people do this. That’s just ridiculous. No wonder sedentary behaviour across adults is so high.

You have to remember that just because you googled it doesn’t mean it is right. Anyone can post, is the writer accredited? Here is a perfect example of a google search on weight loss:

fitness industry is total BS

I don’t believe that the time of the day will change much if you are not aware of the essentials. Like worrying about eating the right foods. Weight-loss friendly foods in the shops can often contain high sugar. Just because you had a high-protein breakfast doesn’t mean you won’t eat crap for the rest of the day and if you are a highly active person then more carbohydrates are important for you.

Don’t forget about what is really important. You might need to move more first and be more aware of the foods you are eating.

Then you get specific about what you are doing. You don’t need to know everything a Personal Trainer knows. Sometimes the value is simply just leaving it up to the professionals. We become Personal Trainers because we want to help you. We want you to want to move more. We want to help you reach your goals. Reduce sedentary behaviour or the prevalence or serious health diseases.

We want you to appreciate the mental, emotional and physiological benefits that exercise has and to use health and fitness as preventative medication for your life.

4. “I’ve Been Trying For Months And Nothing Has Happened”.

This kills me and it is so common.

How many times are you honestly exercising? For how long are you exercising? How is your daily food intake? I always get back umms and ahhs. “Well, it could probably be better”.

It’s damn hard adulting so please do not sit there and think I am saying it’s easy.

I’m suggesting that you could very well be your problem and you are making the whole thing a lot more complicated then it is meant to be.

Start by being aware of what you are currently doing.

As a Personal Trainer, it is my job to provide you with educated and reliable information that is relevant to you, your needs and what you are or are not doing at any point in time. It is my job to make sure you train safely. But most of all it is my job to guide you so that you can lead a healthy and active lifestyle every single day on your own terms. That doesn’s stress you out and it doesn’t need to cost a bomb either.

You go to a hairdresser because they know what they are doing. You rely on them to put in a good colour, listen to you clearly so they cut your hair in a way that meets your needs. They tell you some things you can do in between appointments to maintain the health (and colour) of your hair and some products that might help you whether your hair is dry, oily etc etc. You do not expect them to do your hair once and have it look fabulous every single day without you doing a thing to it. That’s not how it works. Because, life.

5. “We are a time poor nation”.

We are time poor because most people actually like to be busy whether you admit it or not. We also can’t afford or don’t have time for things that we don’t prioritise. I don’t have time to put a full face of makeup on every day because I do not make it a priority. I don’t have time to prepare my food because I don’t make it a priority.

You don’t have to do it all, but be specific about what you want and need and make time for it. Fitness is a preventative medicine and if you don’t have time for it now, you will have to make time for it later when you get sick.

What’s one thing that you are aware you need to change?

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