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After using the Fitbit Charge HR for two weeks, I put together a review on hardware and functionality of this product. The Fitbit review is based on my experiences using the product as a Group Fitness Instructor and includes a second opinion based on (my mother) using the product with a focus on getting motivated to move more.

A summary of the video as follows:

Fitbit Charge HR Review – Hardware

  • Band
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to forget about
    • Watch style band means product stays on well (more relevant for previous Fitbit product users)
    • I did not receive a rash but it has been common for many, ensure cleanliness of product
  • LED Lights
    •  Most advanced technology of products in market to date
    • Accurate testing against Life Fitness cardio machines 
  •  Digital Display
    • Option for personalisation
    • Live and ongoing heart rate measurement
  • Battery
    • One hour to charge
    • Lasts about 2 – 3 days
    • Displays a fun message once you take of charge, almost like it was written just for you

Fitbit Charge HR Review – Functionality

  • Swim
    • Cannot swim with product
    • Splash proof only
  • Smart Goals
    • Does not adapt to your day to day activity
    • You can personalise your own goals
  • HR Zones
    • Great way to see if you are; fat burning, cardio training, peak training
    • Can change these manually based on resting HR
  • Caller ID
    • Great subtle feature
    • Beats your phone to it
  • Sync with MyFitnessPal


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