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When the struggle is real and you feel like you are failing at fitness, it can be really hard to stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

Sometimes we feel in adequate when we don’t “shape up” to the people around us that we see online or in our social circle.

Someimtes we feel like we are failing when we don’t reach a set number of reps we really wanted to reach.

We can feel unsuccessful when we get to the end of the week and haven’t completed all of those training session we wanted to do or we didn’t eat the way we had planned.

Often when this happens we can adopt a bit of an “oh well” mentality. Almost like, well it’s too late now. Sometimes we start to think we have proved to ourselves we can’t do it. So we give up.

But, because there is always a but. I’m here to help change the way you approach what feels like failure and use it to your advantage.

Feeling Like You Are Failing At Fitness Isn’t Exactly A Bad Thing

Failing at things is the bet way to progress and learn. Without it you won’t know how to grow. Without it you might even struggle to see where there is room for growth.

While I don’t necessarily like the word failure – because it shouldn’t be associated with negativity. It’s the best word to use to explain the experience I am referring too.

The experience of failure not only makes us reflect the importance of transforming but also reflect to importance of improving and growth. I’ve highlighted it before, but I really want to do it again. If we reached our end goal without working hard for it. Are we happy with our end goal?

Almost always, we are most proud of reaching our goals because we know how hard we worked to get there. And it’s not the end goal that makes us happy, it is our ability to work through struggles, show ourselves what we are capable of and give ourselves the confidence and strength to keep working towards achieving things.

If you are failing at something, you are guaranteed to be learning something and the more you learn the better you get. If you have big goals and dreams to achieve then you will always have new things to learn, better ways to do things.

So what are some ways that we can set good intentions every day, to avoid dwelling on what we think are the failures of yesterday and makes them work to our advantage?

> Write down three things (in the morning) that would make the current day great. No seriously. I actually do this every day. Set some intentions for the day.

> Have some kind of plan. Know what your training and eating will look like. Know how you will manage your eating based on the circumstances of that day.

Most of all though, remember to stay flexible and focus on the benefits to you and your body when making choices throughout the day.

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