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Sometimes, you actually do know what you are training for but simply forgot to focus on it.

Other times, you think you know. Until you eventually realise, you actually don’t know at all.

It’s not the end though. I’ve got a couple of questions for you to get back to your roots and your big why.

First, can I share with you my background story? Because, I honestly did the same thing and I want to show you what made me snap out of it.

Do You Know What You Are Training For? Really, Honestly, Deep Down.

Making YouTube videos is by far one of the hardest things I try to do for Wondrous.

That is just one reason I do it, because it challenges me. Teaching group fitness classes is SO FUN but it started to get less challenging.

So I thought about it.

I’ve made videos for about two years now. How come I procrastinate with them so much? How come I worry about what people think with the videos specifically?

This is my own little “snap out of it moment”.

What is something you are really struggling to get through right now? Can you dig a little deeper?

If any client came to me with this problem with their health and fitness. The procrastination, feelings of constantly unmotivated or lacking action, worrying about what other people think.

I would ask them why they are really doing it. I would ask them what they hate so much they just need to change?

What do you do it for?

Initially you might say weight loss or to look hot.

But really it’s because you want to feel sexy AF and because you probably want to be able to do some cool sh*t with your body.

There is a big difference between how you look to others and how you feel.

I make videos because I always really wanted to share my personal challenges with health and fitness, share my journey practicing being brave, my fails learning new skills and my successes.

So people didn’t feel like they were alone and they were inspired to take action when it was hard. I also wanted to share my how to’s and I choose to add videos because I knew it would challenge me.

But really, why?

Because nobody should feel like they should have to get fit before they join a gym. Nobody should be worried about failing and what that might “look” like to people because failing at things is the best and fastest way to learn and grow.

So I already knew that but I lost my way a little.

Coming up with video content felt impossible and I always procrastinated. I accidentally prioritised trying to do things based on how someone else might perceive or receive it rather than prioritise doing something based on it purely serving the purpose I wanted it to and that held true to me.

The irony is, this is something I already knew I just had to get back to that place. You might already know all of this, but…..

Are you still coming at your health and fitness goals from the right direction or did you go off track?

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