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Everyone always tells you that strength training is important.

But if you were being really honest, you kind of avoid it.

You don’t like being in the weights room, maybe you don’t want to get bulky because even though everyone says it wont make you bulky you know your body and you it kind of feels like it does.

Maybe you already do it but you don’t really know if you are doing it right or you don’t really understand why it’s so important?

So, for now I am not going to delve too much into the very detail of strength training. I’m going to help you rethink and shape the way you approach strength training so that you can start to do it either right, or better.

How To Do Strength Training Right When It Is So Important

So much has changed since I moved from Sydney to Fernie and to be honest with you, I wasn’t really expecting it.

Besides the fast that the snow has arrived and I have been walking around in my snow boots, you can no longer see the roads and hardly even see the green in the trees. A lot has changed with how I have been able to approach my fitness – strength training in particular.

I’ve been walking, hiking, rock climbing and finally after 3 weeks off being into an actual gym – I did a strength training session. Safe to say the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) was real.

I have decided (for now) not to get a gym membership just yet, for a number of reasons that are not really relevant to this post. I am wanting to make use of the aquatic centre for my fitness and find other ways to use my body weight to prepare for the snow season ahead including a casual visit to the gym if needed. I am hoping to be able to get enough riding in that I wouldn’t be able to properly use a gym membership once the season starts anyway 🏂.

This is a pretty big decision for me. As a minimum, I would recommend 2 – 3 strength training sessions a week.

So strength training helps:

  • boost metabolism,
  • reduce body fat %,
  • burn calories more efficiently;
  • prevent injury around weak joints;
  • promote bone strength (or maintain);
  • reduce the aging process; and
  • change body composition.

The list goes on really….

There are a number of different ways you could do strength development though. Here are some facts and information for you to help you rethink the way you approach strength training.

You can maintain the strength you’ve got at 1 session a week (or even once a fortnight if you are happy and do a good full body session).

You can, in fact, use your body weight for strength training.

You can train strength 2 – 3 times a week with a muscle endurance format to promote lean muscle. This is also about improving the muscles ability to maintain strength over a long period of time. Perfect for adventures and passionate thing-doers.

You can also train to build strength focused on increasing the amount of weight you can lift, carry, push and pull. Commonly seen in a split training format so that you can get more than 3 sessions in, in a week.

The key thing to remember is there are a number of different ways to do strength training that suit your goals and still benefit you in the exact same way with all the pointers above.

Cool huh? You don’t have to lift weights every single day to gain the benefits (unless of course you really wanted).

If you want to know more about what you can do and how to do it right, contact me and let me know what you are trying to achieve right now.


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