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So you’re in a pickle. You need to disrupt a bad habit because it’s having a serious negative impact one your health and fitness goals and where you really want to be. You and I both know that it takes a lot of self-discipline to rid a bad habit.

What if I told you that science has shown a strong role in your environment towards habits (both positive and negative habits).

I’ve got some interesting research on bad habits and the role your environment plays today. If you follow me on social media (Instagram stories specifically) you’ll know I’ve been all about that ham and cheese croissant life. Which is proving to impact my skin and I do want to cut back (a little because I actually do really love the coffee shop environment).

What are some ways that we can disrupt these bad habits….

How To Disrupt A Bad Habit Aside From Self-Discipline

Research has shown the very positive (and strong) impact that changing your environment can have in terms of disrupting a bad habit. Second to that, keeping a consistent schedule will also increase a habit strength.

So when we start to tune into a bad habit that we have (and want to change). Let’s think about a common indicator in the bad habit.

Does your bad habit occur in a certain environment and can you change that environment to make better habit choices? Does that habit occur at the same time everyday or the same day of the week?

Once you can tap into some of these you’ll be able to make some changes to your environment and schedule to naturally disrupt that bad habit. Your biggest challenge is going to be creating a new habit that is not equally as bad.

Applied to real life examples include:

  • Problem: sedentary behavior
  • Environment change: put gym/active clothes on couch
  • Problem: binge drinking
  • Solution: spend less time with heavy drinkers, catch up with friends over walks or adventures, drink out of smaller glass
  • Problem: snacking
  • Solution: make healthy snack more readily available than unhealthy snacks, place snack in single serving bags

Ultimately, self-discipline is required (yes) BUT if you can make some small changes to your environment your success rate of disrupting bad habits and creating new positive ones is a million times better (maybe not a million but you get the idea). Science backs this ✌️.

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