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Cody App lets you train with top coaches allowing you to be an active member of an awesome supportive community.

The percentage of people who use actually use a new app more than once is really (really) low. I could get all statistical on you but there are too many conclusions out there. Let’s just say they are all under 20%.

One of the best ways (in my personal opinion) to find out about a new app for your phone is through a friend. You know they wouldn’t actually use it if it was no good.

cody appSo from one friend to another Amanda would love to share with us her experiences using the Cody App.

cody app

Amanda has a huge passion for health and fitness and like us she loves to challenge herself. I am constantly inspired by her. Follow her fitness journey on instagram here @fittylife.

cody app

cody app

Interview with Amanda Bruce by Wondrous

W: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to use the Cody App?

A: I have always been very active and health conscious. I do have a weakness though, definitely chocolate.

I am currently studying to be a paramedic and have done a previous degree in health science majored in movement science.

On top of my studies I am very much dedicated to pushing my self further and challenging myself in my training. I have been doing Pilates for 6-7 years but only in the past year or so. I have really loved finding challenges and focusing on strengthening my weak spots.

W: We love this Amanda, someone who likes to take a challenge is our kind of wanderer!

I came across Cody App by trying to find some extra challenges for myself in yoga. I love handstands and inverted postures however I have really weak upper body strength especially in my shoulders. So after a whole heap of googling and Facebook searching for program’s, Cody App was one that caught my eye.

W: Where do you find the right space and time to use the Cody App?

A: I have a very busy lifestyle. I study, work full time and also train (gym) 7 days a week which sometimes is twice a day if I get the chance.

So free time is almost not existent for me.

I make sure I do a session when I get home. This usually ends up being as late as 10pm or if I get up early for a run I’ll do a session as my warm down. The great thing about the session in ‘Be Strong’ is that they run for approx 30mins, so it does not take up a lot of time.

cody appW: What programs have you done within the app and what have you gained from them?

A: I bought the ‘Be Strong’ bundle which is hosted by Kino MacGregor.

This gave me two levels of the program; a mediation program as well as a bonus healthy recipe pack.This program is a 21 day strengthening program which takes you through developing strength especially in the core and shoulder girdle.

I repeated the first level to help improve my shoulder strength and so I’m up to my 25th day and currently half way through the second level.

After almost a month I have learnt how to activate deeper in my core and other muscles to manipulate movements I could not do previously. I’ve notice my shoulder strength has improved and can hold and maintain postures such as handstands and crow. I am more stable and controlled now.

cody appW: Do you have any likes and/or dislikes?

A: I like the fact that the workouts always start of with prep work and then moves you through steps of progressing up to different levels to be able to conquer each step of the movement. By breaking down the transitions and movements it allows you to focus and activate the right muscles to be able to complete the movement and do it smoothly. So no matter what stage your at you can still participate. The explanations of the instructors are great!

I also like the fact you can do this at your own pace and time. I love going to yoga and Pilates class but I can never make it and for the amount of times I want to practise it becomes very expensive. With Cody App you pay one price for the workouts and have a lifetime access to it and can repeat it as many times as you like.

W: Did she not include a single dislike in there? We also like this Amanda!

W: If someone is still unsure is there anything you feel like we need to know about the Cody App?

A: Cody App isn’t just for yoga, they have programs specific for types of movements so if you just want to learn handstands you can do a program solely on handstands. They have program’s for strengthening, flexibility, loosing weight, improving cardio with HIIT and lots more.

W: We definitely want to learn how to handstand like a pro

The app allows you to log and track your workouts and share with other members.

Cody App accommodates for all levels from beginners to extremely advanced and I can guarantee it will help teach you something new even if you’re in the advanced level. The Cody App team are extremely supportive encouraging you along the way. If you have questions they are always willing to help.

From years of training I can honestly say by using Cody App has allowed me to progress into my next level in training by allowing me to understand ‘how to actually do it’ rather than just following someone on Instagram and wondering how did they get in the pose?! My strength and flexibility continues to improve and I’m absolutely loving it.

cody appCody AppI was right wasn’t I? The best way to find out about a new app is through a friend.

Thanks so much to Amanda for sharing this with us. From someone with passion, experience and a willingness to take on a challenge she has definitely inspired me to take on a program.

Also, we love your dog. He seems like a good assistant.

Have you used Cody App before?

What is your favourite fitness app to use?

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