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Have you ever wanted to do one of those beautiful scenic walks but make excuses as it starts to get colder?

Besides the fact that you do need to invest in a nice thick warm jacket, Kailee-Ann and Kyle show us how it is totally possible to get out there and enjoy the scenery and the outdoors even in the winter.

Clovelly to Bondi walk

I love hearing about what everyone else is getting up to. It totally inspires me and reminds me so often that the excuses we make seem justified at the time but they often are just that, excuses.

So use this as a very good reason to get off your lazy bottom, send it to a friend and organise a date to get our there and do this walk.

If Kailee doesn’t convince you the photos will. If you decide to run this though, please make sure you warm up which becomes increasingly more important on the colder days.

Clovelly to Bondi Interview – Kailee-Ann vs Wondrous

W: How did you find out about this walk?

K: Honestly, social media. I’d seen so many posts on instagram from friends or ‘fitspo’ accounts and I couldn’t resist the views.

Clovelly to Bondi walk

W: We often stalk those people too.

K: What does leading an active lifestyle mean to you?

While this may sound cliché living a healthy lifestyle really does help keep a positive mind set. I work in the finance industry which means 8-5 desk job with alcohol fueled lunches/ after work drinks and condemned to florescent lighting and four walls. Prior to starting I was on my feet all day and within 6 months I’d put on quite a few kg. I find when I take the time to go outside or keep on track with exercise it has a domino effect to all other aspects in my life. What’s that saying? Productivity fuels productivity and laziness fuels laziness.

Clovelly to Bondi walk

W: Well said Kailee. Those endorphins are hard earned, enjoy them.

W: What was your favourite part about the walk?

K: The views and cool ocean breeze – although there was definitely a bit of people watching involved. You never know who you might see!

Clovelly to Bondi walk

W: What would you say to someone that is thinking about doing this but unsure?

K: Like any walk it has it’s challenges but there’s so many spots to stop and admire the view or take a quick rest if you need. There’s also bubblers and bathrooms all along the route but never hurts to bring your water bottle. You definitely won’t regret making the effort. We went relatively early at 9am or so and parking was a breeze (pardon the pun).

W: Haha we love a good pun! You had me at scenic.

W: How did you feel once you completed the walk?

K: Revitalised! And hungry..

W: Sounds like the perfect start to the weekend then?

W: Would you say this is easy for anybody to do?

I: There were a couple sections where the steps were quite deep but I saw all ages/ health status conquer without an issue.

W: Anything extra we might need to know?

K: There was a mix of people young, older, walkers, joggers, soloists, groups and tourists – really does cater to everyone.

Clovelly to Bondi walk

W: Would the walk have been the same if you did it by yourself?

I: It’s the kind of walk that is great to do with friends – take some pictures, have a laugh and enjoy each others company. Always a great idea to have breakky before or after (increased bonding). In saying that, I wouldn’t hesitate in doing it alone either it’s quite peaceful and you just can’t look past the beautiful coastal views it really is something spectacular. If I were to go by myself I’d be inclined to walk and pick a spot along the way and read for an hour or so.

Clovelly to Bondi walk

So there you have it, how to do Clovelly to Bondi walk even in the winter time. Thanking Kailee for sharing this adventure with us all and her beautiful scenic photos.

She can be found in Instagram at @kaileeannecarr and she is a bit of a foodie too.

Have you messaged your friend yet? The best approach would be something along the lines of:

Clovelly to Bondi. This Saturday. Check it out: http://www.wondrous.com.au/clovelly-to-bondi-walk/. Be there or be square.

You can copy and paste that into a message right now if you like.

You know how they say, ask for forgiveness not permission. I feel like that is the best approach to this.

Don’t forget to share it around and confirm your email address for some personalised content that I only get the opportunity to do in emails.

Have you done this walk before? Is there another local walk you want to go on?