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Client stories IanThanks to Ian, for always asking questions and continuing to push the boundaries. You made me a better trainer.

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“Kate is an excellent personal trainer. She listens to what you want to achieve, works with you across all areas to reach your goals and constantly helps you to ensure proper techniques are used whilst training . Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a new personal trainer” – Brittany Davidson-Sammut


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Thanks to Clarice, for being so consistent and dedicated to training. For trusting me all the way from Hawaii and for letting me come visit.

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“Probably one of the best PT’s in the Hills! Kate will find the best fitness program to suit you. You’ll have plenty of fun whilst reaching your goals!!” – Leea – Maree Argiropoulos

Thanks to Helena, for taking ownership of her program and spending the time to really make the most of the resources and tools provided (and kicking fitness butt).

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client stories bec

Thanks to Bec, for pushing herself every session. Never giving up. Always being so bubbly and caring. And giving the best hugs!

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Before I started training with Kate I was worried about whether or not the training would be interesting and if it would be applicable to me. Kate took my goals from our initial conversation and tailored the training plan to improve my overall fitness while focusing on key areas for snowboarding.

When I started training my main goals where to improve fitness and also muscular endurance for snowboarding, I was also wanting to train in preparation for running and cycling events.

Since training I have now noticed I have better balance and coordination. I have also been able to complete City2Surf for the first time (the longest run I’ve completed).

– Brad Issac


Working together on a monthly basis, you’ll have your diet and training program tailored specifically to you. Train like nobody else, because nobody else is you. For those of you who have lost focus and direction and are ready to start getting some results.

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