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Ideas alone won’t create a life you love. Putting them into action will.

Welcome to the first story of my mini series, detailing just a few client success stories.

I’ve worked with some wonderful people over the years, and I want to share just a few stories with you that give you an idea 💡 about why I love what I do and how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such wonderful souls who continually strive to challenge themselves and learn every day.

In this mini series, I have purposely choosen not to request “body shot” images of my clients for a number of reasons that I want to share:

➖ An image of my clients body is not going to show you how happy and fulfilled they truely are along their health and fitness journey. You will see it in their story.

➖ I am passionate about helping people learn how to train themselves and constantly challenge and grow. You will see their success and growth not only in their story but through fitness testing and their attitude to their health along with their personal development achievements. Each story and goal is very different so you will see their growth and journey is a little different each time.

➖ Their physical, bare body is not yours or mine for commenting. If you have been following along for a while you will know already the kind of comments that I get teaching group fitness alone. At the end of the day, it’s about being proud and comfortable in your own skin for you not for anybody else. I really want to highlight the importance of that by choosing not to request photos from my clients on each of their posts.

So having said all of that. Let’s get into my first client story who really kicks off the series with a bang!

Client stories IanClient Stories Ian

Originally, when you started or just before, what were your goals and what did you really want to achieve? Why was this important to you?

To answer this question I have to go back a little.

5 years ago if you asked me would I ever go or even join a gym, I would have looked at you as though you were somebody from outer space. I do not know why I started going to the gym and I think most people never remember what` started them.

Over the course of the next 3 years I started gradually and built up to the point where I train 6 days a week whether it be a group exercise, weight training, boxing, CX Works, or walking outside or bike riding. I now know that exercise is an important part of my life, in fact, I can actually say if I do not do something on most days I am not happy.

So to the question what got me started? I don’t know except whatever it was I am so glad I did it as I would not be the person I am today.

After 3 years of exercise by myself yes I had lost weight, gained strength and more energy but I was still missing something. I tried different trainers and was not really satisfied with them as it was not about me rather than let’s do training and pay your money and I will see you next week.

My first goal was to lose 8 kilos and get down to my ideal weight of 70 kilos. I also wanted to improve my fitness and muscle strength. Main goal was to lose the weight first.

It was important as I was seeing results but then things started to stall and not move forward. Plus I knew I was getting fitter but needed help to modify my program and understand what I was doing. This is when Kate commenced on reshaping my body, mind and health and how I view the world.

Why do you feel like you had not yet achieved your goals?

I think the question should be what goals have you achieved and what is your next challenge or success. I have been training now with Kate for approximately 16 months and if I look back on what I have achieved the list in high.

Just to provide some milestones, weight loss (nearly at 70 kilos), recovery from full knee reconstruction, muscle tone, better eating habits (sometimes), walking, completing tough mudder, preparing for the Sydney to Wollongong ride and mountain bike riding (love it).

I guess Kate questions me now over some of the new goals as I am not specific sometimes. Kate keeps pestering me to be specific and zone in on the important goal. It may take a few weeks but she gets there and then we modify my program to accommodate and achieve the goal we want to achieve. One this is important – make goals realistic and change as you change.


Was there anything stopping you, did you not really know what you were doing?

The answer was yes and yes. I was training but it was not structured. I was just going to the gym and mainly doing group classes which your body becomes conditioned too over time.

I was loving it and feeling great. When I was using the gym equipment I did not really understand what some of the equipment was used for so was probably not using it correctly and some of the PT’s would not show you how to use it correctly or just wanted a new client. Hence why I needed help.

Were you lacking support? Where you lacking accountability partner? Were you lacking determination? Were your goals unrealistic?

No support was never the issue. It was understanding the equipment and what I really wanted to achieve. I needed an expert who understood me personally and tailored the program to me. It was important to me to make sure I was not just another meal ticket.

I did not really have an accountability partner to begin with. You make friendships through the gym with people who share your common interest – my passion is Body Combat. I think once I discovered the benefits of group fitness and my overall fitness level began to improve the accountability was to myself.

Once I started training with Kate I was accountable to her and Kate to me to make sure we worked as a team. This came about as Kate would create some exercises which I hated and told her so and she would just smile and say 6 more reps.

To begin with I was not lacking determination, no. When things did not start moving after initially losing weight then lacking determination did kick in.

Yes as I did not know what my goals were.

What achievements have you made since training with me so far? 

Wow where do I begin?

I had a knee reconstruction in November 2015. After the surgery recovery was over 12 weeks. I still sometimes have a massage to help.

I then started training with Kate in Feb 2016.

Prior to doing this we sat down for a coffee chat and just talked about what I wanted to achieve. Initially it was lose weight – tick completed ✅ . Then we looked at eating habits – kind of working (I am better but could improve).

First challenge was to do tough mudder in 2016 – completed ✅ .

Next build muscle and fitness levels – completed ✅

Get off blood pressure tablets. I now want to build some upper body strength and muscle so Kate created me an upper body program which I do by myself. Last weigh in I added 1 cm to my chest.

I have also commenced bike riding to help build up my knee which I love. Kate developed a program for my lower body to build endurance strength as this year my new achievement is to complete the Sydney to Wollongong ride.

Now this may sound simple but when your right foot cannot stay in the middle of the peddle but has to be at the back this takes extra work. The program Kate has created helps with this.

Also after 4 weeks of riding, to lose 6cm off your waist (I think that is right- Kate can tell you), winner. I have been introduced to Mountain Bike riding – love it and addicted to it and cannot get enough of it

What were you reservations you had before we started working together?

My main reservation was finding somebody who spoke to me about what was important to me rather than just a meal ticket.

Additionally, you have to be comfortable together as this is a partnership which you invest your money, body and soul into. If the 2 do not work the results you are trying to achieve will not work.

After our initial discussion, I thought I would give it 6 weeks and then reassess. Well 16 months later something is right (except when Kate does not listen to me if I state “I cannot do it” or I suck at this. All I get is a big smile and just do it.

Kate: I just want to intervene here and highlight that I don’t take an agreesive “just do it” approach. Hence, the smile that leads “just do it”. In case anyone misunderstood 😝.

The other factor I forgot is sometimes Kate has to show me how do exercises twice because I am not listening to her.

Kate:  😂

Can you describe how I was able to help you with your reservations?

As stated above I felt comfortable with Kate after our coffee discussion and once commencing training she tailored the program as an individual and also accepted my limitations as with the knee reconstruction it has limited some of my movement for some exercises.

I still get frustrated sometimes. My goals have changed so much over the last 16 months as we have achieved so much and I am continually changing and growing with my health and fitness, it’s important to stay on top of that.

What is one thing that really stood out about training with me and our work together?

Kate listens, does not take any crap – just do it, abs on, core on.

It was also enjoyable and fun (which must be maintained at all times). Also, words like remember the little wins an do not try and achieve the end goal in two weeks.

I enjoy the smile as well plus to get to know Kate as a person. I can discuss details with Kate if I do not understand something about what we are doing.

Kate has been the only trainer that will take that time and listen and explain what we are trying to achieve.

Also most importantly is the flexibility as my job can mean I travel and cannot always make our schedule time. This also works both ways.

What does your training currently look like? How often are you moving your body, what types of training are you doing? How has what you do now changed from what you did before? Including your attitude towards health and fitness.

My training now is so totally different from when we began. I now do 8 hours of training a week (this is not including with Kate) which covers body combat, boxing for Cardio, weights (upper body), riding road and mountain (strength) and lower body, walking and CX works for core.

One I still need to work on harder is stretching after exercise (I admit I am slack on this aspect which is so important). Before I was just training and not really understanding the benefit nor had specific goals.

My attitude to health and fitness as stated is a part of my daily routine. I prefer to train in the morning as I find this is the best time for me. It also sets you up for the day as you are burning endorphins all day and you are alive. It also helps reduce stress, make you feel great and means you attack each day with vigour and energy.

If I could not train daily I would go stir crazy. Note it is also ok to have a rest day as your body needs time to recover. Best benefit is you can eat whatever you want (in moderation) – steak sandwich here we come as you have put in the work.

Be proud of what you achieve and how you look at feel.

If you have one message to anyone feeling sluggish, uncomfortable or struggling, what would it be?

I know that feeling.

All I can say is start for yourself, your life, your family. Little steps to begin with and build from there. At some point it is worthwhile speaking to a professional PT who will listen to you, work with you and enjoy helping you. Kate is your lady from Wondrous Health and Fitness.

If there anything else you would like to add?

If you really want somebody who is passionate about you, health and fitness plus accommodating plus working with you to achieve your every goal you cannot go past Kate. If it is a money thing think past that as an investment in yourself. Most importantly make time for your training as you will see the benefits over time.

I have 4 online spots left. 23rd October start for those who want to bring the how-to to the dream. Apply to see if it’s a good fit. Serious applicants only 💪.

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Thanks to Ian for being a part of this mini series and continually pushing the boundaries.