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Ideas alone won’t create a life you love. Putting them into action will.

Client stories with Helena is the third of this series and she comes with a great story.

Helena joined the Lifestyle Training Program last year and has shown an incredible ability to take ownership of her training.

She loves the fun and adventure and if you can relate – I think you will really enjoy her story 💃.

Client Stories Helena

Originally, when you started or just before, what were your goals and what did you really want to achieve? Why was this important to you?

My goal was to find a good balance and a workout program that I actually enjoyed and could stick to in the long run.

I wanted (and want) to be stronger so I have the strength and energy to keep up during all the fun activities like kitesurfing, skiing, surfing!

Why do you feel like you had not yet achieved your goals? Was there anything stopping you?

I think I had achieved my goals beginning of this year.

I did not even notice that I had a good training routine going, but others did.

Kate: In May (2017) this year, Helena sent me an email:

I just have to tell you as well.

After the last lifestyle training program, the mix with strength and cardio worked really well (I am horrible at getting the stretching in… have to work on that) and been feeling pretty good.

Actually, lot of my friends noticed if they hadn’t seen me for a few weeks and said that I looked amazing.

One day a girl in one of the other teams in the office came up to me and said I looked super healthy and fit and wondered what I’ve been doing lately (okay, my mum thought I got too skinny but she is just used to see me a bit soft haha).

And the thing is, it did not feel like I put in that much of an effort, or yes, I did in terms of sticking to my program and eating my greens. But it wasn’t hard to do it, I liked the program and still had my occasional chocolate and wine (we are all human after all). 

I was happy, slept well and did not feel stressed if I missed a workout (rarely did though 😉). However, some bumps on the road like a sore knee, a long 5 week very inactive holiday when I did not really have that much support or anyone pushing to get those workouts in (had all the possibilities and tools to do it, was just lazy or something).

I struggle with changing my routines, like to get the stretch sessions in. Not sure why, but I do not prioritise it because I feel a ‘proper’ workout is more important. Although, I KNOW my body needs it.

What achievements have you made since training with me so far? 

I went from barely running at all to do 10km+ comfortably.

Even liked those ‘long’ runs!

Increased my strength, lost weight.

Kate: here is a screenshot of her fitness test results from the facebook group:

client stories helena

What were you reservations you had before we started working together?

That it would just be another program that would not give the results I wanted.

Can you describe how I was able to help you with your reservations?

The lifestyle training program gives me what I need to do. What sessions to do, how many reps etc. But also provides flexibility on when.

What is one thing that really stood out about training with me and our work together?

The variety in the program, both strength and cardio and flexibility. Really a full program instead of just 1-2 sessions in the gym.

What does your training currently look like? How often are you moving your body, what types of training are you doing? How has what you do now changed from what you did before? Including your attitude towards health and fitness.

My schedule now is generally 2 Strength/week, 2 LISS (one long and one short run, currently only short 5km ones cause my knee is still being silly! Tried to replace with cycling but dont feel it gives as much unless it is a very LONG cycle session), 2 Flex/mobility (this is what I plan to do, however, does not always happen) and one HIIT (the HIIT that you put in the lifestyle training program, or this may be replaced with a lunch session with my team at work).

If you have one message to anyone feeling sluggish, uncomfortable or struggling, what would it be?

Plan your sessions is, put it in your calendar like any other appointment or meeting.


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